Far right and Islamic terrorists ‘thrive’ on political correctness, says Dame Louise Casey

Political correctness and a failure to tackle integration issues help Islamic terrorists and allow the far right to flourish, the government’s former community cohesion adviser has warned.

Dame Louise Casey said that “horrible far right racists” were being empowered by Britain’s inability to take on issues such as inequality in the Muslim community and segregation in some ethnic communities.

She said: “In our desire to embrace diversity we are creating division. The far right is growing and they are milking it every time we are overly politically correct and unable to deal with Islamic extremism.”

Dame Louise was speaking publicly for the first time since her review into social integration found that Britain was more divided as it became more diverse.

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/far-right-and-islamic-terrorists-thrive-on-political-correctness-says-dame-louise-casey-9ccrrfz53

Government accused of driving extremism with ‘politically correct’ treatment of terror

Dame Louise Casey warns recommendations made in landmark integration review have not been heeded

The author of a landmark report on integration in the UK has accused the Government of worsening extremism with its “politically correct” treatment of terrorism.

Dame Louise Casey told a policing summit “difficult conversations” must take place over Islamist extremism in Britain to stop Isis inciting more atrocities.

“If you’re not alive to the importance of talking about these issues then there’s not much hope…of stopping these horrible things happening to us,” she said.

Read on… http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/terrorism-uk-attacks-isis-dame-louise-casey-integration-warning-political-correctness-islamist-a8034591.html

10 thoughts on “Far right and Islamic terrorists ‘thrive’ on political correctness, says Dame Louise Casey

  1. It is typical of this government, they would rather lose lives than spend money, and would Labour be any better? They want to keep open borders and are even more into being PC. The radical islamists flourish in the poor areas where the Asian community lives and the far right flourish in the deprived areas of the white community. These areas have been created by the deliberate economic policies of this neoliberal government, plus the pusillanimous Labour councils epitomised by Rotherham.
    Dave Smith


    • “the pusillanimous Labour councils epitomised by Rotherham.”
      It wasn’t so much lack of courage, but don’t rock the boat self-interest that allowed evil to flourish in this town for the more than a decade.


  2. The words ‘far-right’ are now a generic smear term routinely used by the establishment, including the BBC, against anyone who voices opposition open border mass immigration.

    It’s worth noting that term ‘far-left’ is never routinely used by the same culprits to describe the leaders of the Labour Party and all the other advocates of open border mass immigration.


    • I don’t see extremist-Islam in terms of far-Right or far-Left.
      I was simply replying to the (IMHO) anti-immigration nonsense of Daniel Thomas above.


      • Socrates was executed for asking all the questions a d this was seen as dangerous. The real dangerous people are those who have all the answers!
        Far right and far left and extreme religious zealots fit this


      • There’s nothing anti-immigrant about about pointing out the simple fact that one side of the political spectrum is smeared and the other side is not. I guess media bias is ok when its in your favour.


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