Sexual harassment claims are ‘no witch hunt’, says Harman

Labour MP Harriet Harman has told BBC News that the string of allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against MPs is not a witch hunt.

She said: “There are a lot of men saying this has been blown out of all proportion, it’s a witch hunt. No, it’s not a witch hunt, it’s long overdue.”

Her comments follow Friday’s suspensions of Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke and Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon resigned earlier this week.

On Saturday morning, Sir Roger Gale, Conservative MP for North Thanet, urged people “not to rush to judgement”, telling BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he believes the scandal is turning into a “witch hunt”.

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Tory MP warns sexual harassment claims may be ‘a witch hunt’

Sir Roger Gale said outside bodies would have to be brought in to mitigate the ongoing scandal

A veteran Tory MP has said the sexual harassment scandal engulfing Westminster has become a “witch hunt.”

Sir Roger Gale, who has been MP for North Thanet for 34 years, said MPs and other prominent figures were on a “hiding to nothing” as allegations could be made that would almost impossible to refute.

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