Theresa May’s chief of staff and new defence secretary ‘sat on’ claims over Westminster sleaze scandal & developments


Theresa May at battle stations with by-election squad over sleaze MP vacancies

The PM has put party workers on high alert to launch instant campaigns in seats at risk of being snatched by Labour

THERESA May has set up a secret by-election squad over fears the Westminster sex scandal could force out sleaze-hit MPs.

The PM has put party workers on high alert to launch instant campaigns in seats at risk of being snatched by Labour.

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Jeremy Corbyn slams ‘warped’ Westminster as Labour Party prepares for more revelations

Labour was braced last night for further revelations amid claims at least six more MPs and one party aide could face accusations of sexual harassment. It is understood a new list — similar to the Tories’ sex dossier — has been compiled.

One complaint is alleged to have been made by a Labour MP who was groped by a party aide. Last night the party refused to reveal whether it was investigating any further complaints. “The party takes all complaints of sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination extremely seriously,” a spokesman said.

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Web porn use takes a hit in parliament

Attempts to access pornographic websites in parliament have fallen sharply over the past four years, new figures show.

In 2013 the parliamentary filtering system blocked 354,902 attempts, but last year that dropped to 113,208.

The numbers have been steadily falling from 247,876 attempts in 2014 and 213,020 in 2015.

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Kate Maltby: all women know the difference between a hand and a tablecloth

Moments of great social change are painful. As a natural conservative I have always known this. Writing in The Times last Tuesday, I explained that I had experienced unwelcome attention from Damian Green, who is now a cabinet minister — and I came forward as part of a movement by many women to demand a change in the culture that enables such behaviour.

I knew it would provoke attacks on me and further a difficult rupture in the social culture of British politics. But even I did not know it would be so personally hard.

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Daniel Poulter, Tory former minister, accused of putting hand up MPs’ skirts

No 10 is to investigate a senior party figure after a colleague’s report went ignored

The Conservative MP Daniel Poulter has been reported to his party’s new disciplinary committee after allegations about his behaviour towards at least three female MPs.

Last night a Downing Street spokesman said: “Following a conversation with him, the chief whip has referred Daniel Poulter to the party’s new disciplinary committee for further investigation.”

It comes after The Sunday Times reveals today that Poulter has been the subject of a formal complaint by his fellow Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen.

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Andrew Bridgen: I’m doing what the whips wouldn’t

When you become an MP you don’t stop being a member of the human race. We have all the failings and frailties of those we represent.

It is my belief that many of the claims made on the now notorious “spreadsheet of shame” are nothing more than examples of those frailties — but there are some claims that are much darker and warrant further investigation. As MPs, we must all be equal with our electorate under the law.

It is for this reason, among others, that I have decided to call out the alleged inappropriate behaviour of my fellow Conservative MP Daniel Poulter.

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Police: We found porn on deputy PM Damian Green’s computers

May’s closest ally shaken by new revelations

Theresa May’s deputy, Damian Green, was rocked with fresh claims last night after a former police chief said pornographic material was discovered on one of his parliamentary computers.

A statement prepared by Bob Quick, a former assistant commissioner at the Metropolitan police, claimed the material was discovered by officers during an inquiry into government leaks in which Green was embroiled in 2008.

Quick, who headed the leak investigation, confirmed to The Sunday Times yesterday that his officers had reported finding “extreme” pornographic material on a parliamentary computer from Green’s office.

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Damian Green was meant to be the man Theresa May could rely on

The first secretary, who has been close to the Tory leader since their Oxford days, is under scrutiny over claims about his computer

He is Theresa May’s longest-standing friend in politics and now her de facto deputy — so when Damian Green was thrust into the spotlight after the general election disaster, he was seen as a safe pair of hands and a man who would watch her back.

Now, with his career hanging by a thread, Green seems fated to weaken the prime minister he was hired to protect.

The first secretary of state and minister for the Cabinet Office is under scrutiny as a result of events for which he first hit the headlines in 2008 when, as a shadow Home Office minister, he publicised four leaked documents that were damaging to the Labour government.

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new sleaze claims

Theresa May rocked by claims a male Tory MP sexually assaulted a male Labour MP

The ‘traumatised’ Labour MP, who has not been named, claims the incident happened in a taxi after the pair boozed in a ­Commons bar

THERESA May has been rocked by claims a male Tory MP sexually assaulted a male Labour MP.

It was said to have ­happened in a taxi after the pair boozed in a ­Commons bar.

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Michael Fallon ‘lunged’ at journalist Jane Merrick after lunch

Sir Michael Fallon’s resignation as defence secretary last week came after a female journalist rang Downing Street to complain he had tried to assault her.

Jane Merrick said Fallon had “lunged” at her and tried to kiss her after they had lunched together.

She added that she had felt “humiliated” by the 2003 incident. A 29-year-old junior reporter at the time, she writes in The Observer today that she “shrank away in horror and ran off to my office in the press gallery”, worrying she had “led him on” by drinking with him.

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Sir Michael Fallon faces third serious sex pest allegation after another woman comes forward

The unnamed woman reported to No10 that the ex-Defence Secretary had groped her

A WOMAN has come forward to reveal a THIRD serious sex pest allegation about shamed Sir Michael Fallon.

The unnamed woman reported to No10 on Tuesday that the ex-Defence Secretary had groped her.

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Michael Fallon resigned after journalist told Downing Street the ex-Defence Secretary lunged at her and tried to kiss her

Reporter claimed she decided to formally complain after seeing similar allegations come to light

A WOMAN journalist reported Sir Michael Fallon to Downing Street for attempting to lunge at and kiss her, it has emerged.

Jane Merrick alleged the former defence secretary made tried to kiss her on the lips after a lunch in 2003.

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Theresa May’s chief of staff and new defence secretary ‘sat on’ claims over Westminster sleaze scandal

Theresa May is under pressure to disclose what two of her closest allies knew about allegations made against senior Conservatives, amid claims they “sat on” accusations about MPs’ conduct.

The Telegraph understands that concerns about the behaviour of Sir Michael Fallon, the former defence secretary, were raised repeatedly in the whips’ office when Gavin Barwell, who is now the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, was “number three” there.

Separately, a serious allegation about the Tory MP Charlie Elphicke, then a whip himself, was made to the office in the same period, before Gavin Williamson – whom the Prime Minister appointed on Thursday as Sir Michael’s successor – became chief whip.

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Ex-minister Stephen Crabb becomes first Tory MP investigated under party’s new code

A married former cabinet minister has become the first Tory MP to face the party’s new disciplinary procedures following a Telegraph investigation into his conduct.

A Downing Street source  said that Stephen Crabb had been referred for  investigation in line with a behavioural code launched by the party on Friday.

The disclosure comes after Mr Crabb, a devout Christian who stood for the Conservative leadership in 2016, admitted saying “some pretty outrageous things” to a young woman he had earlier interviewed for a junior role in his parliamentary office, and that the messages “basically amount to unfaithfulness”.

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Conservatives publish new code of conduct for MPs

The Conservatives have published a new code of conduct for their MPs and other elected representatives in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

The party is immediately adopting a new complaints procedure with a hotline for reporting potential breaches and a more detailed investigatory process.

For the first time, there will be an independent figure on the body looking into grievances, the party said.

It pledged to deal with all complaints in a “timely and confidential manner”.

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Conservative Code of Conduct:

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