Barnsley and Doncaster councils to hold devolution ‘referendum’

A referendum on plans for devolution in South Yorkshire will take place in Barnsley and Doncaster after councillors backed a public vote.

People in both towns will be asked to choose between the government-backed Sheffield City Region deal or a proposed Yorkshire-wide deal.

While not legally binding, the councils say they will respect the result.

Voting will take place next month either online or by post with the result announced on 21 December.

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The Yorkshire Post says: Why devolution to the North can’t be delayed any longer

ON the day that Barnsley and Doncaster Councils meet to ratify plans to 
let local residents have 
their say on devolution, and the strength of support for the countywide One Yorkshire blueprint, through a community poll – a referendum in all bar name – the issue’s importance is reiterated by today’s State of the North 2017 report which makes sobering reading.

In short, the IPPR North think-tank concludes that not only will the region be left behind unless the Government devolves “real economic power”, but the so-called Millennials and Generation Z will move away to further their career ambitions unless there’s a step change in industrial policy so businesses can withstand the twin threats of Brexit and automation.

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3 thoughts on “Barnsley and Doncaster councils to hold devolution ‘referendum’

  1. The voters from Rotherham and Sheffield should be putting pressure on their elected representatives for similar referenda in these Authorities to join the Devolution bid. I mean a proper vote not some unseen, unpublished ,affair such as the ,so called, “consultation” on having a Mayor for Sheffield Region ! Neither Authority can afford not to be involved in the devolution process !!


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