Police list identifies ‘grooming hotspots’ in Newcastle

Takeaways, gyms and public open spaces have been named among “grooming hotspots” in part of an official document leaked online.

The list was compiled by Northumbria Police for internal purposes but part of it has been seen by the BBC.

It mentions specific businesses and locations in Newcastle.

The force said it was not a formal list of crime-related incidents but highlighted popular areas, to help identify potential safeguarding issues.

It said it would also be investigating how part of the document, showing 16 locations, came to be in the public domain.

Locations also include part of the city walls and a disused business premises.

Some sites were earmarked as “frequented by young people whilst reported as absent or missing”.

The list had the logo of the Newcastle Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB) at the top.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-41922388

2 thoughts on “Police list identifies ‘grooming hotspots’ in Newcastle

  1. Newcastle seems to be very productive in its identification of grooming hotspots, and evidently is making headway to, in probable cause, making its valuable resources available in such, and probably reducing the number of potential victims.

    To honestly say, I assumed that most of the exploitation revolved around vulnerable people in vulnerable locations.

    Admittedly it is happening in full view of the public, spot the signs, merely does not make sense if we do not check our shared environment.


    We keep being told, CSE in Rotherham still continues to this day unabated, we’ve probably learned absolutely nothing.

    Whilst we continue patting each other on the backs.


    The rest of us need to look around once in a while too, even if we can’t see what we are looking for.


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