Suspended MP is accused of ‘unacceptable behaviour’

A Labour MP has been accused of “unacceptable behaviour” over a 20-year period by one of his colleagues.

Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy claims she has suffered unwanted attention from Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins.

Mr Hopkins, 76, said her complaint had caused him “immense personal hurt and utter dismay” from someone he counted as a friend.

Mr Hopkins is currently suspended from the Labour Party in connection with a separate allegation.

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MP to submit ‘unwanted attention’ letters

Labour’s Kerry McCarthy is to submit letters to the party which she says show she received “unwanted attention” from a fellow MP, the BBC understands.

The member for Bristol East claims she was sent “upsetting” correspondence from Kelvin Hopkins, the MP for Luton North, over a period of about 20 years.

Mr Hopkins 76, said the complaint had caused him “unbearable” stress.

He is currently suspended from the party in connection with a separate allegation, which he denies.

Ms McCarthy, 52, a former shadow environment secretary, will hand the file to Labour party officials on Monday, the BBC has learned.

She alleges Mr Hopkins sent her a series of letters and cards commenting on her appearance, including one in which he described having a dream about her.

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Kerry McCarthy claims that Labour colleague Kelvin Hopkins ‘pestered her for 20 years’

A Labour MP has said she suffered unwanted attention from a colleague for 20 years. Kerry McCarthy, the MP for Bristol East, said she had endured inappropriate advances from Kelvin Hopkins, the Luton North MP who was suspended by the party last week after complaints from a young activist.

Ms McCarthy, a former shadow environment secretary, said that Mr Hopkins had sent her letters and cards, some written on parliamentary notepaper, which contained comments about her physical appearance, and on one occasion described a dream he had about her. Ms McCarthy, 52, said the unwanted attention from Mr Hopkins, 76, began in 1994. At the time she was chairwoman of Luton North constituency Labour Party and he was chairman of Luton South. They went to lunch, after which she received a card saying he invited her “because you are attractive, intelligent and charming” but suggested she “dispose” of the note.

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Labour MP accuses Kelvin Hopkins of inappropriate behaviour

Kerry McCarthy reveals correspondence that shows she has received unwanted attention from fellow party MP since mid-1990s

Kelvin Hopkins, who was suspended from the Labour party over sexual harassment claims, faces fresh allegations from a fellow MP about inappropriate behaviour towards her over more than two decades.

Kerry McCarthy, the MP for Bristol East, said she began receiving unwanted attention from Hopkins in the mid-1990s – when the pair were both active in the Luton Labour party – but the most recent incident was less than two years ago.

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