Farage’s mistress breaks her silence

Farage’s mistress breaks her silence: Political aide reveals sexual encounters in MEP offices in the European Parliament only last year and how he told her to keep quiet or risk derailing Brexit

  • Annabelle Fuller says she and Farage had a sexual relationship dating from 2004
  • She was a speechwriter and trusted aide who worked for Farage in Brussels 
  • Fuller claims she had sexual encounters European Parliament offices last year
  • She says the affair drove her into depression, self-harm and suicide attempts

Nigel Farage has systematically lied about an affair with a vulnerable former aide spanning more than a decade, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The former Ukip leader is accused of breathtaking hypocrisy by his former lover, who claims she was told to keep the relationship secret at all costs – to help save Brexit.

In an explosive interview, Annabelle Fuller, once a speechwriter and trusted adviser to the party and its leader, says she and Farage, a married man more than 17 years her senior, had a sexual relationship dating from 2004 until October last year

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5073475/Political-aide-Nigel-Farage-comes-clean-affair.html#ixzz4yE5pvuze

25 thoughts on “Farage’s mistress breaks her silence

  1. Nigel Farrage a liar, you don’t say !

    Nonetheless had the same instinctive view of brexit, never mind, let’s destroy the country together.

    I just don’t understand the self-harming bit.


    • “I just don’t understand the self-harming bit.”
      I assume that you are referring to this in Sunday Mail piece “I just don’t understand the self-harming bit.” Sadly it does happen, you just have to accept that people do it.


    • Political history is rife with extra marital affairs irrespective of political party and secret liaisons always involve lies.

      This story pales into insignificance against the backdrop of the tsumani of historical and current sexual harassment (non consensual) within the political class and wider society.

      ‘Glass houses’ and stones’ comes to mind.


  2. If we had reports of all the shenanigans of all politicians it would fill tomes.
    What this has to do with a democratic referendum alludes me.
    But if it exercises the lungs of the addled brained, get all holier than thou get on a soap box, how boring!
    Men and women in their relationships may deceive each other but that is life!


  3. One just wonders, of his insignificance, maybe he is a one man biblical Tsunami.

    Nigel Farage: We must defend Christian heritage

    You shall not commit adultery.

    ‘Farage married the German-born broker in 1997. She forgave him when a Latvian blonde told a tabloid about their one-night stand in 2006’


    The master planer Nigel Farrage.

    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbours.

    The undemocratic European Union, members being of the undemocratic proportional representation kind.

    Sworn into office.


    Not a practicing Christian?
    Usually is a hypocrite.


  4. Hotspot’s piousness is his complete give away.
    Look no further than the shenanighans that go on in Rotherham’s multicultural communities who also swear by their faith and are shown to be hypocrites.


    • Yorkshire tea.
      ‘Hotspot’s piousness is his complete give away’.

      Wow, what a strange statement, I am assessing the impact of historical comments made by someone who has made statements contrary to what they believe in, and in a political sphere, where statements are reflective of their actions, even hypocrisy.

      ‘Rotherham’s multicultural communities who also swear by their faith and are shown to be hypocrites’.

      I wouldn’t believe that to be a true statement, especially on here, many contributors (maybe you too) confirm that they are not hypocrites, they actually accept that they are indoctrinated to carry out their religious obligations (shenanigans).

      I don’t know your political influences, but you do seem to be very concerned about Nigel, I will say this much, try and not act on the voices in your head.


      • That no doubt is the advice they gave you at the funny farm.
        People with known flaws are not the problem. It’s those with hidden flaws that pose great potential problems.
        President Lincoln was pressurised not to put Grant in charge of the Union Army. “But, Mr President, He Drinks!”
        Lincoln’s reply was “What’s his brand? He wins battles so send some to my other generals”!
        This from Lincoln who never touched a drop.


        • Funny farm, the Brexit deal, explained by the simpsons, eat your heart out Lincoln town car.

          I know understand poetmorgan, you have don’t care about how Farrage does his business, so long as it fits in with your imagination.

          Well done team Brexit.


        • You see Poetmorgan, you do have an imagination.

          Never said you were a Ukiper, I was suggesting that you are happy with Farrage (a means to an end), and it does not matter what his persuasions are, even if it be hypocrisy, and you are content on the final outcome, well done team Brexit.


        • I am a member of no team
          You are an obsessive demanding others think what you think. You are boring me.
          Seek advice, you need it.
          You won’t of course, youu will just imagine you know what I think and believe and come back with more disjointed twaddle, it is almost as if you are a DimDem.


        • You are not happy with Brexit either, or do you have a confused admission system.

          Dim Dem, you are still trying to find a box to fit me in to, sorry wrong again.


    • Had brexit been a candidate and not a referendum, many would be guilty.

      Thank you RR, I was going to post it too, but there’s an angry little monster on here.


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