Consultation to open on Rotherham bins shake-up

CONSULTATION will open on Rotherham’s bin collections after the senior councillors voted to press ahead with the proposals.

The shake-up is aimed at saving £1.3 million a year and will involve an annual £40-a-year charge for garden waste.

The blue boxes and bags will be replaced with larger wheelie bins for recycling and new, smaller general waste bins are to be supplied.

Every household in Rotherham will be sent a letter as part of the eight weeks’ consultation, which will begin on Monday, November 27.

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17 thoughts on “Consultation to open on Rotherham bins shake-up

  1. So exactly how much is the consultation costing?
    How much is it costing to replace all of the grey bins?
    What will happen to the existing grey bins?
    If the recycling collection is going to be as successful as t’Council say it will, then surely the existing grey bins won’t be very full anyway – so why go to the cost of replacing them?
    And what about families with disabled people who have condition-related increased waste disposal requirements?
    And what about large families?


  2. … and what about a food waste collection service:
    … and what about including all obviously recyclable items in one bin:
    … and what about offering a concessionary rate on the garden bins for the less wealthy in our community:
    …and perhaps also what about opening up the collection service to allotment holders
    I’ve used wealthy Elmbridge, were a close friend of mine lives, in my examples above because it is the only council that I know that has introduced the concessionary rate on garden waste. But all the other aspects of that model are in use in the majority of councils across UK – including Lewisham where my son lives, and with one of the worst recycling rates in the country.

    Local authority collected waste management – annual results


  3. Phoney hod in not? Kak handed emma

    If past rmbc consultations are to go on they are a sham.

    It takes no account of large families or the low paid or the vulnerable ie/
    Elderly, infirm, ill, disabled

    Its a recipe for more dumping and for more garden eyesores


  4. What do we pay our council tax for? Why should we pay extra? Are we getting value for money?
    NO! RMBC is not fit for purpose. The good, HONEST (ie non-RMBC staff) people of this town could do a better job of running the council, they all need sacking and we need a citizen takeover!


  5. The vibrations on the grapevine suggest that Hoddy spent in excess of £20,000 on consultants to help her develop these *innovative* proposals. Rumour also suggests that said proposals never went before a scrutiny panel. Some ruse about it being a Labour only, rather than cross party review group apparently. But it’s just rumours. Someone with a bit of time on their hands could use an FOI to clarify the situation….


    • At the recent Labour Party meeting in Rawmarsh , labour councillors admitted they had neither been consulted or had sight of Clumpy Hoddinott’s waste collection plans. Apparently, they were just waved through. Typical Clumpy.


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  7. I clearly do not move in the same heady circles as the Leader and Cllr Hoddinott, I was under the impression that a consultation was an opportunity to ask the public for comments on a proposal before implementing any changes.

    Well, if the Rotherham Advertiser article is accurate then the changes will be implemented come what may.

    Money has already been spent by Cllr Hoddinott on wheelie bin stickers informing residents on how to segregate waste, how much and who gave her the authority to spend the money before the start of the consultation, her live in partner?

    You have the hand it to the Leader for his brass neck arrogance on this one, had this been a mere mortal cabinet member and not his partner would they have been allowed to move forward without proper scrutiny and open public consultation?

    The stench of hypocrisy and civic nepotism is all over this latest whitewash from RMBC.


  8. I am not paying extra for something that has ALWAYS been included in my council tax. Garden waste is at present one quarter of the waste service I receive. Do I get one quarter refund on the bit they are asking away. Doubt it. Organize plastic recycling so our bins are not full of plastic full of air taking up space. Reorganize RMBC so that there are a lot less elected COUNCILORS claiming expenses and being paid to sit on committees to dream up daft ideas like this one.


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