Looks like CSE in Rotherham has been going on over 40 years?

Thought yourself and readers might like this tweet and article.

Looks like CSE in Rotherham has been going on over 40 years?

Replying to a tweet on Twitter Rotherham Adertiser reporter Adele Forrest tweeted this article which she says is from 1975…

Very grim reading.

So overall CSE has been in Rotherham over years nothing’s changed only got worse, but the perpetrators haven’t…

A question to ask is who knew?

The article again shines a light on what the young girls were portrayed as “Prostitutes” but the young girls age again is ignored.

I have asked Adele to screenshot the article to also show the date.

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19 thoughts on “Looks like CSE in Rotherham has been going on over 40 years?

  1. Possibly why rovrum court services were shut down as not fit for purpose due to the incesturous relationship between some magistrates, police and cllrs???


    • Stan Crowther was Rotherham MP from 1976 to 1992. MacShame got on the gravy train in 1994 until 2012. He admitted has a Guardian reading leftie he didn’t want to know what was going on with Pakistanis in his constituency,


  2. In an era when children were scapegoated in to categories, ‘clean minded’ and ‘foul minded’, and contrastingly dealt with as delinquents.

    I’ve placed the next article on here a number of times.

    Who knew!

    Barnados too, and the children even in 2001 acknowledged as child prostitutes.


    I have concern for, more than 50% of Rotherhams victims of CSE had substance use problems.


      • RR, I can’t find off the top of my head, how many children were in social care, can guesstimate at present around 50%, either way the following should answer your questions.

        As Jay report readings are such, overwhelming were known to services, who have a statutory duty to ensure their safety.

        4.3 The Inquiry was given a list of 988 children known to children’s social care, or the Police. 51 were current cases and 937 historic….

        Whether the children were in social care or not the failure is quite clear to see, the majority were known.

        C, In Rotherham, 55% of such children had used heroin at least once per week; 40% had been raped; 73% had sexual health problems; 33% had attempted suicide. Most had self harmed…


        • 4.13 Risk factors for CSE are increasingly well understood. The majority of children whose files we read had multiple reported missing episodes. Addiction and mental health emerged as common themes in the files. Almost 50% of children who were sexually exploited or at risk had misused alcohol or other substances ….


  3. Barnardo’s?

    I defy anyone to know what this charity is about especially in Rotherham where it has kept its head down for decades. A significant user of public funds but try and find out what they do and you will come unstuck.

    Barnardos is a longstanding member of the Safegaurding Board………….oh yeah?


  4. Rothpol, perhaps it might be better if you put up the entire Twitter thread, rather than this “doctored” tweet from within it, even though it is a very interesting one. Just a thought.


  5. Does anyone remember a CSE scandal in the 1970s? Of course, the term CSE wasn’t used back then. My recollection is a bit sketchy but I seem to recall it was called Manor Farm or something like that and as far as I can remember it involved men taking schoolgirls to a place in Wickersley (I think).


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