Prominent academy chains form ‘Northern Alliance’

The new Northern Alliance of Trusts aims to build capacity and improve educational standards in the North of England

Five prominent academy trusts in the North of England have created an alliance that formally commits them to work together to improve the education system in the region.

The Northern Alliance of Trusts is made up of Astrea Academy Trust, Delta Academies Trust, Northern Education Trust, Outwood Grange Academies Trust and WISE Academies, which have 111 academies between them.

The academy trusts will continue to act as independent legal entities, but said they were “committed to sharing resource for the good of the North of England and the wider country”.

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LucyJ Education Correspondent

3 thoughts on “Prominent academy chains form ‘Northern Alliance’

  1. It is interesting that this group has met in secret for a year and then presented their power base to the DfE and the Regional Schools Commissioner Network. It is not difficult to work out their motive.

    David Carter on behalf of the DfE RSC is giving them carte blanche to walk all over them and can’t do a thing about it.

    A Ponzi scheme if ever there was one.


  2. A bigger stitch up than in any operating theatre in the world ! Carte Blanche doesn’t even begin to describe this travesty !! God help the schools involved.


  3. Three of the five MATs in the executive group calling themselves ‘The Northern Alliance’ are all from Outwood Grange………stitch up? A Ponzi scheme too..


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