Council leader’s “no hiding place for abusers” pledge

ROTHERHAM council Leader Cllr Chris Read welcomed the jail sentences given to three child sex abusers and said they showed there was “no hiding place” for people who groom and sexually abuse children.

The Masbrough men — Riaz Makhmood (39), of Falding Street, Sajid Ali (38), of James Street, and Zaheer Iqbal (40), of St John’s Avenue — were convicted for 15 offences of indecent assault and jailed following a trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

Cllr Read (pictured) said: “I am very pleased for the victim that these perpetrators have been convicted and given the sentences they deserve for what is a truly despicable crime.

“This should give further confidence to victims and survivors that they are being listened to and taken seriously.

Read on…,council-leaders-no-hiding-place-for-abusers-pledge_24626.htm

Operation Stovewood Trial Number 2

11 thoughts on “Council leader’s “no hiding place for abusers” pledge

  1. Can anyone explain why this man is taking full responsibility. There was me thinking that it was the first sentence given, by the work of the NCA, Operation Stovewood.


  2. Hotspot you can’t have it all ways. We rightly lump all agencies together that failed our young people i.e. the Council, Police etc. so surely they must share the responsibility for success as well as failure.


    • Robin I would share your sentiments but, I am considering this one on its own merits, the victim does not appear to have been failed by anyone, she brought it to the attention of the police in 2014?, the police forwarded it to the NCA under Operation Stovewood.

      If you like to see him sharing success.
      Children’s care homes closed.
      Teenage pregnancies are down in Rotherham.

      If you like to see him sharing failures.
      CSE still happening, down a little, nonetheless.
      ‘known perpetrators’ as all the historical reports suggest, so why does he go to such lengths to suppress such reporting, majority of perpetrators of CSE are …..!!


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