Rotherham abuse victim tells Walsall pupils to speak out

Sammy, 32, broke the silence which led to the Rotherham grooming scandal being uncovered in 2013 by telling how Arshid Hussain had abused her from the age of 14.

Her evidence sparked the police investigation that exposed the extent of the abuse, identified 1,400 child victims and led to 20 men being jailed for almost 300 years.

She has now joined forces with police officers in the Delves area of Walsall and community group Palfrey Big Local for a project which saw her speak with youngsters at Blue Coat Academy on how important it is for young people to know when to speak out.


9 thoughts on “Rotherham abuse victim tells Walsall pupils to speak out

  1. There’s never been a single grooming gang bust in the Black Country, says it all really

    Meanwhile in Birmingham CSE appears to be out of control, the Birmingham Mail has run an excellent anti-grooming campaign for several years but it hasn’t really achieved promience or got very far because the usual suspects – Labour politicians – do their usual three wise monkeys omerta routine


  2. “Never been a single gang bust, in the black country.
    Probably not black enough then, almost invisible”
    Birmingham isn’t the Black Country, they are two separate areas
    “Do you know more children have been sexually exploited by their peers, than all the grooming groups (all!) put together in Rotherham”
    Well I know Rotherham Pakistani grooming gangs have abused on a prodigious scale, but no one imagines that they have been as prolific as that – the “Rotherham Model” however afflicts towns and cities throughout the country
    As we see from the conviction list .
    As regards gang grooming in the West Midlands it follows the Rotherham pattern
    “A bombshell police report has revealed 75 per cent of known on-street child sex groomers in the West Midlands are Asian – with 82 per cent of victims, aged 14 to 16, being white.
    And a Birmingham Mail investigation has discovered how police, councils and social services have been failing vulnerable victims in a new abuse scandal which follows those identified in Rotherham, Rochdale and Derbyshire.”
    And indeed the Birmingham grooming gangs have spread their evil tentacles more widely
    There’s only ever been one grooming gang bust in Birmingham(see above listing) – though given the demographics it must be Grooming Central


    • ‘Well I know Rotherham Pakistani grooming gangs have abused on a prodigious scale’

      What exactly is that scale, please I don’t mind let it be in your own words.


      • As far as Jay Report denial is concerned you’re going to have to play with yourself. I would note in passing that you put up an extremely determined defence of your own community, though obviously many will believe that to be defending the indefensible in this instance.


        • Has there been a shortage of media coverage on CSE in Rotherham, or for that matter in the towns and cities of the north.

          The NCA are investigating, ‘non-familial child sexual exploitation and abuse in Rotherham’.

          Operation Stovewood is the National Crime Agency investigation into non-familial child sexual exploitation and abuse in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, between 1997 and 2013.

          The majority of suspects have offended against more than one victim and many have been involved in organised trafficking.

          UPDATE- 22 June 2017
          The investigation continues to grow and officers are now engaging with and supporting 200 victims and survivors.

          To date, a total of 23 men have been arrested and 8 individuals have been charged with 42 offences

          In everything I have read so far, of the 1400 children, of the said period by Jay.

          Around 10% of victims were male.

          Around 15% of victims were from the BME (totalled) communities.

          I find it hard to believe that people can make such obsurd accusations of a ‘denier’, so a quarter of the sexually exploited children don’t matter.

          The issue of race … This was at best naive, and at worst ignoring a politically inconvenient truth …

          The truth is beyond all the rhetoric, and as we believe that the proverbials received a green card to carry out CSE, the lack of historical CSE charges brought against any nationality in Rotherham have also surfaced, the NCA have widened the scope to, ‘non familial child sexual exploitation’.
          Was Jay restricted to only CSE Asian gangs, reading Andrew Norfolk and whistleblowers accounts that Jay relied on, yes!

          Defending the indefensible.
          Why is it that no one is man enough to acknowledge, that the methodology by Jay is simply wrong, for a well read person like yourself you have a very narrow mind.

          ‘extremely determined defence of your own community’, what exactly is my community, the protection of all.

          I ask you what bigoted community do you represent, you somehow incorporate the Sikh narrative into your nonsense, and you fully understand that even they were implicated in Aylesbury, Sunderland, and in a number of the West Yorkshire trials past and present not to forget Sheffield. You completely disregard the majority of perpetrators of CSE are the same as me and you.

          What exactly is that scale, please I don’t mind let it be in your own words.


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