Theresa May wants Douglas Hague as ‘new Damian Green’

Theresa May wants Douglas Hague as ‘new Damian Green’

Right-hand man’s resignation could trigger emergency reshuffle

Theresa May’s aides have begun planning for an emergency reshuffle in case her deputy, Damian Green, is forced to resign after claims that pornography was found on his parliamentary computers when his office was raided by police in 2008.

Senior government sources say the prime minister would like to persuade Lord Hague of Richmond to return as her right-hand man if Green is forced out — but overtures to the former foreign secre­tary indicate that he does not want to come back to the cabinet.

Sue Gray — the Cabinet Office head of propriety and ethics — is investigating whether Green misled No 10 about the claims revealed by The Sunday Times and the way he attacked Bob Quick, the former Metropolitan police chief who confirmed his officers reported discovering pornography.

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‘Deputy God’ Sue Gray rules on Damian Green’s fate

The civil servant adjudicating on the fate of Damian Green honed her skills as one of the most feared and respected officials in Whitehall after successfully running a pub in Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles.

Sue Gray, 60, who also oversaw the Plebgate inquiry, took an unusual “career break” in the 1980s, running The Cove public house near Newry with her husband, Bill Conlon, a country and western singer.

The pub, popular with both Protestants and Catholics, was less than 10 miles from the Irish border in a region so violent it was dubbed “Bandit Country”. It has since closed down.

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Desperate PM Theresa May hopes to tempt William Hague into deputy role to bolster crumbling cabinet

Theresa May is keen to persuade William Hague to become her deputy fearing scandals will claim more scalps

THERESA May is hoping to lure William Hague back into frontline politics to help bolster her crumbling team.

She has pleaded with the ex-Foreign Secretary to be on standby to be her deputy.

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11 thoughts on “Theresa May wants Douglas Hague as ‘new Damian Green’

  1. Reg,
    Looks like the Thunderer is making a play for the Grauniad for the proof reading Raspberry of the year
    On another issue can you quote a source for BIS not making forecasts and a good history of the BIS?
    Banking never was my thing and have been trying to catch up in recent times.


    • Sorry but no source for that BIS statement – I simply remember Lamf ( banging it into our heads during a pre-annual conference meeting.
      Equally I can’t remember any work, and certainly nothing I was ever involved with, that could have been described as forecasting.
      One of the most important works coming out of the BIS is the triennial forex survey ( and that is largely the collection/collation of stats from other Central Banks.
      Lamf himself spent much of the Bank’s time and energy on formalising the Lamfalussy Principles for Clearing Systems. (see: )
      In my time there we were just 300 staff – we were quite small organisation.

      As for its history: I’ll dig around.
      Being the oldest of existing International Organisations – it does have a long and sometimes controversial history; and equally interesting are some of the organisations that it hosted.
      I did a lot of work with the (deep breath) Secretariat of the Committee of Governors of the Central Banks of the European Economic Community – out of that little group came the European Central Bank.
      Currently I’m reading Politics and the Pound: The Tories, the Economy and Europe Paperback – 21 Feb 1997 by Philip Stephens – trying to see what happened from the UK point of view when UK crashed out of ERM and after.


  2. I thought that was a result in part of Soros shorting the pound.
    BIS seems to be shadowy. No hoohaa I guess just doing a job
    Surprised its so small
    As for ECB that is a space worth watching. It has done its share of QE and this must give conventional German finance the jitters.
    Thanks for refs.


    • “I thought that was a result in part of Soros shorting the pound.”
      There was also a Daily Mail article blasting the guys in Barclay’s dealing room for selling Britain short!
      In fact what happened was GBP, which had gone into ERM at too high a level, then got caught up in some turbulence swirling around the Lira which then over-devalued, creating a buy-market for the Lira … in practical terms both UK and Italy then left the ERM.
      Lots of people took advantage of it all, but Jewish Soros always gets singled out for opprobrium. I was more than happy to be being paid in Swiss Francs.
      Out of it all came the decision to go for EMU.
      Of course with my home at the time back in Kingston upon Thames, I always blame my MP at the time, a guy called Norman “Badger” Lamont an utterly incompetent Chancellor of the Exchequer (IMHO).


      • Thanks, yes I must get more well informed about finance. Yes, Lamont was pathetic and inadequate. I wrote some satire about him at the time.
        To me there should be something along the line of Keynes’s bankor or free floating currencies.
        One problem is treasuries and national banks are not as smart as they think they are.
        I have small savings in silver, as I have used it in solder and may do again if I get any more electronic ideas. In the long run silver always has an industrial use, it is a great conductor.


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