Three schools could lose £1.5m in Wakefield City Academies Trust collapse

Three schools in the Wakefield district could lose a total of more than £1.5m after the demise of an academy chain, members of Wakefield Council have warned.

A motion, due to be discussed by councillors as the Express went to print, claims Wakefield City Academies Trust (WCAT) had transferred millions of pounds of schools’ savings into its own centralised account, prior to its collapse.

WCAT made a shock announcement in September that it would cease running all 21 of its schools, including eight in the Wakefield district. The trust’s board said it didn’t have the capacity to bring about rapid improvement in the academies.

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9 thoughts on “Three schools could lose £1.5m in Wakefield City Academies Trust collapse

  1. The financial affairs of WCAT need proper forensic analysis from Day 1 of it’s creation up to, and beyond the date it “collapsed” to trace all the monies removed from school reserves and paid into it’s own coffers !! If any monies have “gone missing” or been improperly appropriated then the Trustees should be made personally responsible for their replacement. The whole notion of Academy Trusts should be revisited by the Government before any other children’s educations are
    affected adversely by these shenanigans !


  2. Xnsider

    Companies House is revealing,

    Look under ‘Alan Yellup’, however WCAT’s Financial Statement for 2016 until well into 2017 and the Financial Statement or 2017 is still being held back deliberately by the DfE.

    FOIs are being ignored.

    ‘Followingthe Money’ will tell us everything we want to know always bring out the truth. I can’t wait.


  3. Blairite trash ripping off and asset stripping mexborough and swinton schools, with local tory-labour councillors complicit allowing it to happen. Where were local labour voices in the community, i cant remember owt? . All cherping up now against academies but cant stand to support proper socialist principles that get us elected.

    Discgrace. Get Them Out


    • Swinton Momentum

      Go no further than John Healey your MP who lives near wickersley School I believe.

      His wife Jackie Bate is on the board of Ashwood Road Primary School along with ex councillor Jane Hamiilton’s daughter. Nice if you can get it.

      Ashwood Road school is within Wickersley School’s Multi Academy Trust (MAT).


        • No, they are not paid.

          Academy governance has different levels:

          Members – effectively the shareholders – role is limited but being expanded gradually. Members are personally liable if, like WCAT, the Academy / Multi-Academy Trust is forced to close. The liability is set at £10 per Member by DfE.

          The MAT has a group of people who hold three roles each. Each person is a Trustee of the Charity (An Academy are Exempt Charity), Director of the Limited Company and a Governor of the school/s

          Many MATs also have a Local Governing Board for each school or group of schools. This Board is made up of Governors which may have one or more person who is also on the MAT Board

          None of the above people are paid.


  4. Debz
    Don’t be too sure….. academies can and do what they like especially when it comes to spending public (our) money. See:
    Revealed: Academy trustees paid more more than £150,000 | News
    Directors were paid £300 per visit.
    The twenty three Trusts that broke rule over 4m related party trnsactions.
    Exclusive: The academy trusts that refuse to publish pay information
    Superhead Michael Wilkins’ ‘excessive’ spending spree to boost teachers’ morale | Daily Mail Online
    Academy trust broke rules over CEO’s £8,000 four-star hotel stays


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