Cover-up fears as Downing Street refuses to say if Theresa May will publish Damian Green ‘sleaze’ report

An official Whitehall report into Damian Green’s behaviour might never be published, prompting fears of a cover-up, it has emerged.

Mr Green – the de facto deputy Prime Minister – is fighting to save his political career after being accused of making inappropriate advances towards Kate Maltby, a writer who is 30 years his junior.

Mr Green, the First Secretary of State, is also facing claims that pornography was found by police on an office computer he used in 2008.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, asked Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet secretary, three weeks ago to “establish the facts and report back as soon as possible” about the claims.

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Report on Damian Green inquiry may be kept confidential

The report into allegations against Damian Green, the first secretary of state, may not be made public, Downing Street has indicated.

A No 10 spokesman declined to offer a commitment to publish the findings, telling reporters only that they would be “updated” once investigations were completed.

A Cabinet Office inquiry is under way into allegations that Mr Green made inappropriate advances to a young female activist and that pornography was found by police on a computer in his office.

The spokesman was unable to give a timetable yesterday for the completion of the inquiry, which began on October 31, or of a separate investigation into allegations about Mark Garnier, the international trade minister.

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Damian Green smiles and carries on as he faces high noon over inquiry into his behaviour

His job may be on the line and his fate may be decided in days, but Damian Green continued to carry out official Government business this weekend with no apparent care in the world.

The man who is effectively Theresa May’s deputy prime minister was at the Democratic Unionist Party’s annual conference, where he addressed a fringe meeting and met its leader Arlene Foster.

The First Secretary was photographed smiling under the DUP’s conference slogan “Standing Strong”, which may or may not be indicative of Mr Green’s frame of mind at present.

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