Momentum loyalty test planned for would-be Labour MPs

Contenders asked to sign contract to back Corbyn’s objectives and party manifesto to win group’s support

Leftwing pressure group Momentum is asking Labour parliamentary contenders to sign a contract that ties them to the “political objectives” set out in the organisation’s constitution to secure its support in upcoming selection battles, the Observer has learned.

Several contenders to be Labour candidates in marginal seats are understood to have signed the contract. The 13-point “political accord for Momentum-backed candidates” asks candidates to “work to ensure the Labour manifesto (subject to future policy development) is fully implemented once Labour are in government”.

Included in the signed contract is the commitment to “revitalise the Labour party by building on the values, energy and enthusiasm of the Jeremy for Leader campaign”. Some Labour MPs are known to be alarmed by the move, following an attempt by Labour activists to unseat the leader of Haringey council last month. Claire Kober fought off a challenge to win reselection in her ward, but it was seen as a warning that Momentum plans to support candidates that back Jeremy Corbyn at all levels of the party.

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4 thoughts on “Momentum loyalty test planned for would-be Labour MPs

  1. These Momentum loony tunes should remember that MPs are elected to represent their constituents first,not to support the Leader at any cost !


  2. Load of B.S we are made up of members and its up to people to vote for Labour candidates or not in elections. How is parachuted blairites only focused on what they do in london helping working class people round here? Its up to members who they vote for


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