Stuart Sansome: Seniority and snouts in the trough.

By providing a platform for him to demonstrate both how little he comprehends, and how highly he thinks of himself, Stuart Sansome’s twitterfeed gave considerable amusement to many in months gone by. Talk is that the exasperation in Labour Group was palpable, as generic warnings about being careful with social media repeatedly failed to hit the mark. Apparently, those warnings were, well, a bit too generic for our Stuart. Looks like a more straightforward approach ultimately had to be taken. Something like “We mean thee Bonehead, yer fat fingered cretin. Gi’oer wi thi phone”.

But talk is that Bumblie Number Three, Sansome, is still smarting because he lost Chair of the Health Select Commission to a better organised player who broke one of the core unwritten rules of Labour Group by failing to respect the hallowed principle of seniority. Because there really is nothing worse than not sitting quietly and waiting your turn; other than having an education perhaps, and opinions derived from reading and intellectual engagement rather than rote learning at the knee of ‘seniority’.

Now some say Sansome is one to bear a grudge, but his benign twitprofile describes him both as a ‘retired steelworker’ and as a ‘Community Union Branch Secretary’. How can this be? Surely once a union man leaves the steel works that’s it, as far as being a union man goes. But rumour has it that Sansome has set up a Community Union Branch for RMBC Councillors. Now, as trade unions were established to represent employees in the workplace, some might ask what purpose a trade union would serve in the very specific context of the Town Hall; given that Councillors are elected and therefore not actually employed by anyone.  And some might answer that in this particular very specific context the sole purpose of the branch is to provide a mechanism for Sansome to continue to attend union beanos now he’s no longer in a position of seniority, or on the EC ticket.

Roundwood Pavilion.

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