Donald Trump retweets far-right group’s videos

Donald Trump has retweeted three inflammatory videos from a British far-right group.

The first tweet from Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, claims to show a Muslim migrant attacking a man on crutches.

This was followed by two more videos of people Ms Fransen claims to be Muslim.

Britain First was founded in 2011 by former members of the far-right British National Party (BNP).

The group has grabbed attention on social media with controversial posts about what they deem “the Islamification of the UK”.

It has put up members to run in European elections and by-elections on anti-immigration and anti-abortion policies, but has yet to secure any seats.

It also contested the most recent London mayoral election, receiving 1.2% of the vote.

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The anti-immigration party trying to recruit immigrants

Although their manifesto calls for a near-total halt to immigration, the far-right political party Britain First is now actively trying to appeal to Polish immigrants.

They are a fringe group, with no elected officials at any level, but Britain First has about 1.9 million Facebook likes – more than any other UK political party. And now they’re trying to use that social media footprint to make explicit appeals to Polish immigrants living in the UK.

A string of Britain First videos that seem designed to attract a Polish audience have appeared online. Recent ones include a video from Jacek Miedlar, a Polish far-right former priest, an interview with a Polish media outlet that has over half a million views, and videos by Polish Britain First supporters encouraging others to support the party.

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43 thoughts on “Donald Trump retweets far-right group’s videos

      • Why, please? It’s very easy for anyone to hide themselves anonymously and make such comments, especially if they want to shut down discourse, and discourage other potential readers from knowing The Truth. There’s a word for what you do . . .


        • Are you going to say the word is blasphemy?
          This is meaningless to humanists.
          First you have to have faith in some old book.
          Sorry, you are in an alternative reality


    • Sorry, Tell Papa reads like a garbled load of twaddle.
      As for Trump, he seems to use Twitter as either a hobby or a diversionary game. As for BF they vomit hate and ought be starved of publicity


      • Perhaps the following example from The Law…the SAME Law that Elizabeth A.M. Battenburg/Mountbatten swore she would do her UTMOST to maintain..will set the record straight on what is twaddle and what is rational.

        Deuteronomy 24:7 If a man be found stealing any of his brethren of the children of Israel, and maketh merchandise of him, or selleth him; then that thief shall die; and thou shalt put evil away from among you.

        The penalty shouldn’t “fit” the crime; the penalty should PREVENT the crime. That’s how we should be putting evil out from among us. We have a duty to each other and the greater good to hold each other accountable for our actions.

        IF we did that, we could get rid of the EVIL of all of this child trafficking, child molestation, paedophilia and murdering that has gone on for far too long in Rotherham and elsewhere.

        Or we can continue to do things our way, and have a government filled with pedophiles and child traffickers, that have made merchandise of every single person they were supposed to serve. Governments pledge our life earnings as collateral to borrow more money to finance whatever they want. Including more children to molest.


        • Sorry, I do not do theology. Deuteronomy is a bronze age text for goodness sake. It is part of a lot of ancient texts that some treat as beyond any debate. For this reason I decline to debate.
          Please accept that I reject old texts from whatever religion as “truths” that cannot be challenged or rejected in full. Religion is a cause of too much havoc.


      • Ah poetmorgan, Generally speaking I like your posts; you normally present good argument. But when it comes to the Judaeo /Christian subject you cease to present argument and decline into schoolboy spite. I understand it very well because I used to do it. Something I now cringe at the rememberance of it. Folk like you PM remind me of people who like the benefits that Christianity brought to civilisation but won’t pay your dues……
        This is probably the only subject you and Reg agree on…
        For really good argument on just about anything Ben Shapiro cleans the floor up with far left liberals. I dare you and Reg to youtube him….Lessons on how to debate free speech without spite; there’s nobody better that I can think of….

        I like C S Lewis quote. “There are two types of people. Those who say Thy will be done and those to whom God says, alright then have it your own way” One day we will all know the consequences of this vital choice , won’t we.


        • I decline to debate religion. I said old texts, this was not just the bible. I include Hindu, Muslim, Buddhism, etc.
          I have read quite a lot of them but decline to USE them for non spiritual purposes.
          As for final judgements, I leave that for infinity.


        • How is declining to debate a subject area “Spite”?
          The Bible is full of contradictions as are many other ancient texts. It is impossible to come to an objective conclusion. They are about faith and I lost that long ago.
          (Perhaps not ” Tao Te Ching”)
          If I offended you or hurt your feelings, I Apologize.


      • Poet Morgan, you wrote this:
        How is declining to debate a subject area “Spite”?

        Yet you wrote the above, just after writing this about me:
        “Sh, a wack job”

        How was your comment not to be construed as a direct attempt at a cheap insult to me personally and deter others from viewing my article, please?

        Linda Wheeler saw it correctly for what it was, in my opinion.

        A “subject” was raised about a government sponsored organisation known as TELL MAMA. TELL MAMA sets out to Measure Anti-Muslim Attacks and are big on promoting the PREVENT agenda. My article questioned TELL MAMA’s motives and provided numerous links as evidence to support the validity of my questions addressed directly to them about their propaganda and claims. TELL MAMA are trying to re-brand Islam to Muslims in the UK, and I suggest they have absolutely no right to do so. I do not believe TELL MAMA to be genuine in their pursuits. They are more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to discerning truth about all the terror attacks, which are in fact acts of treasonous tyranny.

        The Donald Trump post concerned the same subject of Hate Crime. Hence, my article had some CLEAR relevance and raises a lot of far-reaching deadly serious questions, many of which are essentially of a non-religious nature. Such questions concern the difference between the discernment between truth and falsehood regarding all the terror threat news being promulgated by our governments and mainstream media. Is it somehow wrong for me to raise questions on here about the veracity of all this propaganda within our midst, please?


      • Linda, having seen all your comments on this thread, I can only say that I have no intention of engaging with you on this topic.
        I can only repeat:
        “Britain First is scum.
        Trump is an utter idiot.
        … I could expand on both those sentences, but feel/hope that I don’t need to.”


        • Dear Reg,
          Of course you won’t engage me in argument and haven’t done for quite a long time. I haven’t fallen off my perch because of it. I don’t sit staring vacantly at my computer screen waiting for a tick or cross from you. I will continue to comment on your posts as long as I choose and Rothpol allows.


  1. I don’t understand why Liberal Lefties don’t connect the dots. They themselves have incubated Britain First . The blame for BF existence lies fair and square at their own door.
    And NO, I am definitely not a fan of BF. I think I just see who and what created them in the first place.


  2. @ poetmorgan…No need to apologise PM. I am a believer and defender of free speech. All defenders of free speech should offer their opponents the same courtesy. I just find it frustrating when free speech consists of an insult without informed argument. Usually I find your arguments interesting.


    • There you go Reg , anyone whose politics are different to yours has to be a nutter. Ann Coulter has brains leaking out of her ears, and always puts up a bl…y good argument and never deterred by nasty bitchy comments. She’s no feminist but a woman who knows what she believes and why she believes it, and presents her argument well….I follow Ann Coulter, Reese-Hogg-David Horowitz Melanie Philips etc . All ‘nutters’ in your opinion. There is also a not so subtle anti-semite lurching somewhere in that brain of yours. A little dangerous I feel.
      As for Donald Trump I wouldn’t vote for him or Clinton. Trump is a street fighter and that is probably what US needs at this time in it’s history. That’s what they voted for and he’s what they got…….


        • It is actually “Rees Mogg” and “Melanie Phillips”, and in this phrase “what US needs at this time in it’s history. ” it is “its history”.
          But I did fully understand what you wrote.
          (Being dyslexic, I do have to use a very good spell checker, and it highlights far too much of other people’s comments. – Sorry, I am not being “picky”!)

          “I follow Ann Coulter, Reese-Hogg-David Horowitz Melanie Philips etc . All ‘nutters’ in your opinion. ”
          Not sure about Horowitz, and I have no issue with R-H, but Coulter and Phillips yup, imho, nutters. (Mad Mel Phillips – you do you remember her early days on the far-left? – I do, and I think that was when she got that prefix to her name.)


      • Linda, I utterly resent your disgusting suggestion that I am an antisemite.

        I have several really close Isreali Jewish friends, people who I have worked with here in Europe, and have visited back in Israel on several occasions to be with them.
        It is not easy for a liberal Isreali Jew in that country today, under that government.

        Equally, I am an anti-Zionist and someone who strongly supports BDS, and strongly objects to the “settlements”, and whilst I have only got to know two “settlers” – both UK born, well I really don’t want to meet any more, their attitudes appalled me.

        Back in the 1970’s, I spent many many months working for the UNHCR on a Palestinian refugee camp, in Jordan.

        I live daily with the reality of what I have witnessed, you just live with your disgusting bigotry.


        • Reg…I accept our personal experience colours our view. And these exchanges can get nasty….
          I am often appalled by the effective arsenal that liberal left wingers use constantly to give a hefty punch below the belt to their opponents.. bigot, racist, homophobic, misogynist, sexist ..etc . I can’t spell most of em. These insults work every time due to an individuals attempt at defending themselves to such low blows .It cannot be done without ending up sounding pathetic…. It always goes down like a lead balloon and looses the main topic which in this case Reg is ” have the BDS an association with the Moslem Brotherhood or not”…. That is the question and also the answer re is Anti Zionism really anti Semitism in disguise. You didn’t answer that question Reg….


        • @Reg Reader. I had to laugh Reg at your post re my appalling spelling.
          I am not sure which prefix I would prefer… Nit picker or nutter… I think I will settle for nutter because by your estimation I just might be in good company. Nit pickers by contrast deflect from answering tricky questions by childish spitefulness. In your case Reg it was to avoid the important question you refuse to answer. IS THE BDS AN ARM OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD… all my investigations say YES….
          For somebody who knows how to use a spell check you would think that was obvious…..


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  4. “the main topic which in this case Reg is ” have the BDS an association with the Moslem Brotherhood or not”
    Until I googled it today, I had never even come across the idea of this.
    Now I see a few academics in the US are putting forward this idea.
    If it were true: It in no way changes my views.
    …and to even suggest that somehow that is the main topic, is utterly absurd.
    The only thing that matters is theis


    • Hooray Reg…. you spelled theis wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Glad you have been honest about BDS and Moslem brotherhood link will not change you views….Speaks volumes to me regarding your views on just about anything political…..THE END>


  5. I find it strange how many elements of Western politics want to prescribe solutions for the Levant. Since 1919 there had been a lot of good and not so good intentioned interference that has tended to make bad situations worse.
    Syria is in ruins. Saudi Barbaria want to have Lebanon go the same way.
    We have Muslims fleeing to Christian countries to escape persecution by other Muslims and a seeming return to twelfth century strife.
    The idea the “something must be done” is preached by the well intentioned. But what ought foreign busy bodies do? The Lebantine peoples got on together before outside interference but less so now.
    We are moving towards a Sunni / Shia clash that may be catastrophic and the UK is not a world power. Some things ate best avoided


    • I agree entirely PM….An observation of this site shows us those in power can’t manage their own s..t so to speak. Recent topics on Rothpol make me desperate for the world my grandchildren live in and nothing to do with global warming..
      I have become very wary of power hungry people who think they know the answers to situations in the middle east where better men have failed.
      My best friend was born in Syria to a muslim family. I was born in Tinsley to agnostic parents though my father had a Jewish mother. In different times and different places Mouna and I became converted to Christianity. Of course that solution for reconciliation is overlook and sneered at in our modern world.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. On my first ship, in 1962 we docked in Beirut. I walked on Mount Lebanon, visited Beirut sufs and Biblos. What a beautiful land the Lebanon is.. Then they tore the place apart in a massive civil war starting in the 70s.
    I believe much has been rebuilt now but instability remains and we have outside powers arming factions once again. It was a land of bad drivers and brilliant cooking. It is a shame too many people cannot resist meddling in the affairs of others.


    • You were privileged to be in Lebanon in the early 1960’s.
      The first time I arrived there was in 1972 when things were a bit tense (to say the least).
      It is a beautiful country, as is Syria, yet Jordan a is still the one I love most, even though you now have to pay to visit Petra (!!!!!). Tourism changes everything.

      I heard recently that EasyJet and RyanAir are now flying into Essaouira, Morocco.
      When I first went there in the 1960’s it was a lovely town, with just one decent hotel (Hotel des Isles), a Jewish Quarter – full of jewellery shops and with the one wine shop in the town (it was was also Disreali’s family hometown). Last time I went back was 2005, I hate to think what it is like today.


  7. On the other hand, the next year I visited Honk Kong after a cyclone smashed the place. It was a mess. Then in 2012 I went back. Some change, the place was massively improved, economically at least. There was an airport where one of our frigate escorts had anchored!
    In the 1920s and 1930s the place had been plagued by pirate raids on shipping.
    Nothing in the world stays the same!
    It is one of the reasons I preferred Brexit. Not in a dogmatic way, just giving use more potential in the future in a constantly changing world.


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