MPs who broke parliamentary rules helped choose new sleaze watchdog

Half of the members of a sifting panel for the appointment of a new Commons sleaze watchdog were MPs who have themselves broken parliamentary rules, the Telegraph can disclose.

A four member committee that whittled down 81 candidates for the next Standards Commissioner included Sir Kevin Barron and Sir Paul Beresford, both of whom have been previously found by the current watchdog to have breached the Commons code of conduct.

Last night the disclosure prompted fresh concerns about the appointment process for the role and the principle of MPs “marking their own homework.”

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2 thoughts on “MPs who broke parliamentary rules helped choose new sleaze watchdog

  1. Kevin Barron is totally corrupt! He does not do anything unless it benefits him personally. He abuses his position for his own gain at the expense of his constituents. The last time I asked this man for help, he was more concerned about me knowing that he had bought a property in Derbyshire, than in dealing with the issues that were destroying my, and my family’s lives, for which he refused to help.. He also strongly insisted that the property in question was a “holiday home”, a statement which had no relevance to me or my issues, but he was clearly removing himself from the firing line. I have since written to every member of parliament about these issues, I have had plenty of responses, though no response from Barron, who is my MP. He’s a self-serving parasite, who should be removed from power. I, for one, shall not be addressing any such parasite as “sir”, especially given that he was awarded that title during the time when this Country was under a TORY Government. He has claimed he knew nothing of the CSE going on in Rotherham, and that may be so, but he knows tonnes of other unlawful stuff that is going on here, but has done nothing to stop it, nothing to prevent it recurring and is effectively not representing those constituents that he doesn’t personally like.


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