Landlords brought to book for failing to licence

Landlords brought to book for failing to licence

Published Monday, 4th December 2017

housing in Rotherham

Three landlords in Rotherham have been convicted of failing to comply with the requirement to register their properties with the Council’s Selective Licensing Scheme.

Jahangir Akhtar of Clough Road, Masbrough, Azzizum Akhtar of Old Wortley Road, Kimberworth and Wayne Housten of High Ridge, Surrey, all pleaded guilty to charges brought under the Housing Act 2004 at Sheffield Magistrates Court.

Father and son, Jahangir and Azzizum Akhtar were found to be involved in the operation of the same property on Clough Road, Masbrough which is in one of Rotherham’s designated Selective Licensing areas.

The Council became aware of the property following a referral from South Yorkshire Police. Azzizum stated in mitigation that the property was controlled by his father and he was the owner in name only. He was not aware that the property was not licensed and his father, Jahangir, accepted responsibility for this error.

Azzizum Akhtar was given a conditional discharge but ordered to pay a total of £320 in costs. The Court imposed a total of £680 fines and costs on Jahangir Akhtar. Mr Housten also pleaded guilty to failing to licence a property on Shakespeare Drive at Dinnington. In total, he was ordered to pay £950 in fines and costs.

Rotherham Council introduced Selective Licensing in May 2015 and almost 2,000 privately rented properties have been licensed since its introduction. The scheme is striving to improve the quality of housing on offer in the sector and to encourage better management of properties and tenants by landlords.


8 thoughts on “Landlords brought to book for failing to licence

  1. Just goes to show what some real partnership working can deliver, SYP hand over information to RMBC, RMBC act on said information and result, a former Labour Deputy Leader of RMBC is hauled up before the beak with a fine and an additional record to his name, Karma at its very best.

    How does this impact on his son and his position with REMA?


  2. Quite a few I seem to remember from reading his “Declaration of Interests” Big Bird ! Amusingly I believe one of the houses he claimed as his own was, in reality, a Council house still in the hands of the Authority ! Still it must be difficult to keep track of property when you own so many ! If Azzizum only “owns the house in name” should the Inland Revenue boys showing an interest in their property dealings ??>


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