Damian Green inquiry to examine influence of Daily Mail article

Damian Green inquiry to examine influence of Daily Mail article

Cabinet Office investigation will include potential influence by Green or allies into article by Mail’s Andrew Pierce about accuser Kate Maltby

The Cabinet Office inquiry into the conduct of Damian Green is set to examine whether allies of the first secretary of state influenced a negative Daily Mail article about the woman who accused him of harassment, the Guardian understands.

The inquiry into Green, who is de-facto deputy prime minister, is due to conclude this week. Conservative activist and writer Kate Maltby, who is 30 years younger than Green, has told the inquiry she believes Green appeared to solicit sex from her in exchange for political mentoring.

After Maltby’s allegations were published, she was profiled by the Mail’s Andrew Pierce in a piece that called her “one very pushy lady” and said she was “determined to make it in politics – whatever the cost”.

Read on… https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/dec/12/damian-green-inquiry-influence-daily-mail-article-kate-maltby

11 thoughts on “Damian Green inquiry to examine influence of Daily Mail article

  1. Conservatives do not need enemies. They are the experts at assassination of party colleagues.
    Still give it time and if he falls now he will get a nice sinecure elsewhere. They share this behaviour with Labour and the DimDems.


        • ‘They have not been an objective purveyor of news for at least 8 decades.’
          Which newspaper can you suggest that is an “objective purveyor of news”?

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        • Possibly some financial columns in the Financial Times?
          The answer is none. But some are worse than others and work on their own agendas rather than objectivity.
          Obviously they are a major source of data.
          I tend to go across a variety of sources and only accept as possibly true the limited material in all sources.
          With the net we have better access to original source material but with this comes original lies.
          Life is not nice and neat and tidy


  2. A pedlar of hate, division, fake news and anti-British values of fair play and decency.
    A paper that supported the far right in Germany during the 1930s and continues today to lean towards the likes of Trump
    Its interesting to see that the comment Daily Mail reader has become a pejorative term and has taken over from the Sun reader as a stand up comedians signature joke line
    Just who reads this vile rag?


    • Dear Albion…..I read it. Over one and a half million copies are purchased, with only the Sun topping that figure. Even Reg Reader reads it. If only the Mail had a Page 3…..


      • No I don’t read it. If there is a link to it on here, then I’ll follow that link. Other than that I see it’s front page on the BBC website in the morning.
        And I have never bought a copy of that piece of …. in my life.


      • “Even Reg Reader reads it.” No, he doesn’t, and never has.
        If there is a link to a DM piece on Rothpol, I’ll follow the link. End of.

        Personally, I feel quite sorry for you that you wish for a Mail version of the Sun’s Page 3. You obviously have never found sites like Pornhub – sites that are there to satisfy all your fantasies – whatever they are. Bye!


  3. “Which newspaper can you suggest that is an “objective purveyor of news”?”
    In UK: Financial Times, Economist (if you consider it a newspaper), then Guardian – for its investigative work,
    This is a recentish survey across all media sources:
    … and a more recent one from the US:


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