Tower Hamlets scandal: Planning corruption ‘endemic’ in UK

A former senior policy adviser to the prime minister, Rohan Silva, has claimed that planning corruption is “endemic” in councils across Britain.

His comments follow last week’s revelations in The Sunday Times that a businessman with close ties to Labour had been secretly taped demanding a £2m bribe from property developers allegedly on behalf of the party’s politicians.

Writing in News Review this weekend, Silva argues that the planning authorities have been given too much power to make decisions that could dramatically affect the value of properties and developments.

He writes: “Given that the value of a property can increase by tens — or even hundreds — of millions of pounds depending on what the planners decide, the incentive for corruption among low-paid officials and councillors is overwhelming.”

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3 thoughts on “Tower Hamlets scandal: Planning corruption ‘endemic’ in UK

  1. No!! surely not, corruption in out planning system?

    The statement that is cited may well be true, but the real ‘corruption’ is the insidious system whereby large companies cough up their Section 106 monies or CIL, or whatever name is given to it this week, and then the Council’s acquiesce to whatever is subsequently demanded of them by these same companies.


  2. What about some oversight and robust due-diligence into each of the stages for the new Rotherham super Mosque just to prove that the article is wrong.


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