Spy chiefs triggered police raids as Christmas ‘bomb plot’ fears grew

Spy chiefs triggered police raids as Christmas ‘bomb plot’ fears grew

Armed police have arrested four men on suspicion of planning an Isis-inspired Christmas bombing.

A bomb-disposal team was dispatched and armed officers carried out dawn raids across Sheffield and Derbyshire yesterday. A mosque with links to an alleged Muslim Brotherhood front was also raided.

One of the arrested men, whose ages ranged from 22 to 41, was said to be Syrian. They were the subject of a covert counterterrorism operation and police and MI5 launched the raids amid concerns that the suspects were planning to build or acquire parts for a bomb.

Sources confirmed that the arrests were related to alleged plans for a bomb attack, which would make it the tenth thwarted plot since March. Other weapons may have been involved, they said.

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UK ‘Christmas terror plot’: Police searches resume

Counter-terror police are to resume searches of two properties after an alleged Islamist terror plot set to happen at Christmas was stopped.

Armed officers and an Army bomb disposal squad were involved in raids on five properties in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire on Tuesday.

Four men arrested under the Terrorism Act remain in custody.

Searches at scenes in Burngreave, Sheffield, and at a house in Chesterfield will continue later.

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Police arrest four over possible Islamist plot to attack UK

Army bomb disposal unit called to house in Chesterfield after man arrested, with three others detained at properties in Sheffield

Counter-terrorism officials have launched an investigation into a possible new Islamist plot to attack Britain after four men were arrested in northern England.

The army’s bomb disposal unit was called to a house in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, after a 31-year-old man was arrested there early on Tuesday, while neighbours were evacuated from their homes. The other men, aged 22, 36 and 41, were arrested at three separate properties in Sheffield.

The arrests followed a joint operation by police and MI5. They made their move having decided it was too risky to allow the suspects to remain free. This was based on intelligence, which can be wrong, rather than evidence, which police say they are now trying to obtain.

Investigators believe whoever was behind the alleged plot may have had materials related to the making of improvised explosive devices, as well as the knowhow to construct them.

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Terror suspects lair was ‘bomb factory above a chippy’ as neighbours reveal secret codes used to enter

People living nearby have told of the ­dramatic moment police blew off the door of a home in a raid on terror suspects

The lair of terror suspects arrested in a dramatic police raid was a ‘bomb factory above a chip shop’.

Neighbours have also revealed the secret codes the accused jihadists used to gain entry to the property in Chesterfield.

People living nearby have told of the ­dramatic moment police blew off the door of a home in a raid on terror suspects.

The property was one of several that armed officers swooped on to smash what they believe was an Islamic Christmas bomb plot targeting one of Britain’s cities.

Among them was a suspected explosives factory above a chip shop in Chesterfield, Derbys.

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