Damian Green: Vendetta or architect of his own downfall?

Allies of Damian Green are said to regard his dismissal as the culmination of a nine-year vendetta by police, orchestrated by Bob Quick, the former Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner.

Mr Quick oversaw a controversial investigation in 2008 into leaks from the Home Office which led to Mr Green’s arrest, a raid on his Westminster office and the seizure of his parliamentary computers.

The Scotland Yard officer faced such heavy criticism over the inquiry that when he made a security blunder in April 2009, inadvertently revealing details of an anti-terror operation, support for him quickly drained away and he resigned.

Implicit in the suggestion of the “vendetta” theory is that the first secretary of state’s dismissal was somehow “payback” by Mr Quick for that career-ending leaks inquiry.

But the reality is that Mr Green was the architect of his own downfall.

Read on…http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42437530

5 thoughts on “Damian Green: Vendetta or architect of his own downfall?

  1. Surely not! oh I simply cannot believe that the police would be so vindictive. Nor can I believe that a politician would have porn on his works computer and then lie about it.

    Surely not! Surely not! Surely not!

    I am losing my faith in these two great British institutions, oh dear, oh dear.


  2. Both
    Vendetta to raise this after such a long time
    Downfall because he looked at porn at work. Most employers would sack someone for that. Most employers would have porn sites blocked on work computers


  3. The Data Protection Act refers to information held on computers. Mr Lewis,, when he went public over Green’s repeated denials, referred to his original handwritten notes and showed them too camera ! As to whether he should have gone public ? I am of the opinion that, as an ex Police Officer listening to a Senior Cabinet Minister publically lying about the matters in question , he did exactly the right thing. Had he kept quiet there would have been every chance that these matters would have been swept under the carpet !! Green was hoist by his own petard !


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