Reaction as Barnsley and Doncaster voters back “One Yorkshire” deal

Reaction as Barnsley and Doncaster voters back “One Yorkshire” deal

COUNCIL chiefs have been criticised for missing the chance to “seize vital powers” from Westminster.

Liberal Democrat councillor Dr Adam Carter (pictured) spoke out after Barnsley and Doncaster residents voted to back their councils’ recommendation and pursue a One Yorkshire devolution deal rather than the South Yorkshire-focused option supported by Rotherham and Sheffield Councils.

Overall, 85 per cent of voters backed a wider regional deal.

Dr Carter said: “It is beyond belief that Labour in South Yorkshire are not taking the opportunity to seize vital powers back from the Conservatives in Westminster.

“The £30 million a year is badly needed in South Yorkshire.

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Yorkshire devolution: Doncaster and Barnsley voters back region-wide deal

A poll of residents in Barnsley and Doncaster has shown strong support for a Yorkshire-wide devolution deal, it was announced today.

In Barnsley, 84.9 per cent of those who voted backed a wider Yorkshire deal, a total of 34,015 votes. A total of 6,064 backed a Sheffield City Region solution.

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Barnsley and Doncaster back ‘Wider-Yorkshire’ devolution plan

People in Barnsley and Doncaster have backed a proposed ‘Wider-Yorkshire’ devolution deal.

More than 75,000 votes were cast in a community poll asking people to choose between the pan-regional proposal and a government-backed South Yorkshire deal.

Barnsley Council said in light of the result it would ask the government to postpone mayoral elections scheduled for 2018 until 2020.

The turnout in Barnsley was 22.4% and 20.1% in Doncaster.

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9 thoughts on “Reaction as Barnsley and Doncaster voters back “One Yorkshire” deal

  1. Given the results of the votes for One Yorkshire devolution in Doncaster and Barnsley it is now time that voters in Rotherham and Sheffield had the same opportunity. For Read (the Weed) to keep saying there was proper consultation in the town about Sheffield City Region is manifestly untrue ! (Much the same as “consultation on the green bins situation” is a smokescreen – it is a done deal !!)
    Drop the blinkers from your eyes Read and give Rotherham people the chance to be heard on the question of One Yorkshire ! It us a once in a lifetime opportunity for greater prosperity in the region!


  2. Anything led by Sheffield is a disaster waiting to happen and Read’s support of it tells us all we need to know, or relearn about his political acumen, (if any).


  3. It’s hard to believe that Leeds, Harrogate, York, Ripon, Beverley , Richmond etc would give the Socialist Republc of Sourh Yorkshire a fair crack .


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  5. Even if they did give you a vote, if the result was not what they wanted, they would take no notice or tell you to vote again. Sound like the EU?


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