Dozens more women report sexual assaults by taxi drivers

The number of sexual assaults allegedly carried out by taxi drivers on passengers has risen by a fifth in three years, according to police figures.

The total of alleged sex attacks involving Uber cars, black taxis and illegal minicabs will be higher because the figures, obtained under freedom of information requests, relate to just over half the forces in England and Wales.

Campaigners said that the increase could be a result of more women being willing to report assaults in taxis or minicabs.

Katie Russell, of Rape Crisis England and Wales, said: “It’s an alarming figure but it is always hard to know whether the increase is due to a rise in crime taking place or an increase in sexual assaults being reported. Sexual offences have been massively underreported so an increase in willingness to report will play some part in the increases.”

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South Yorkshire taxi drivers accused of rape and sex attacks on men and women

Two South Yorkshire taxi drivers have been accused of rape, 15 have been accused of sexually assaulting women and three others have been accused of sex attacks on men over the last three years, new figures reveal. The 20 incidents … Continue reading

Nationwide drive for new taxi laws

A SURVIVORS’ group which helped tighten taxi rules in Rotherham after the child sex scandal wants stricter laws across the UK.

The Rotherham CSE Steering Group is writing to all councils in the country, urging them to take a similar stance with licensing. Read  on…

3 thoughts on “Dozens more women report sexual assaults by taxi drivers

  1. This is why there should be CCTV in all taxis and minicabs across the country. It will reduce the number of claims of sexual assault by stopping the assault (because the driver knows they are being filmed) and where or if the claim is false will protect the driver and prove their innocence


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