5,300 respond to consultation on bin changes in just three weeks

PLANS to overhaul bin collections have brought a huge response — with 5,300 residents having their say in the first three week’s of public consultation.

The proposed changes include more capacity for recycling paper, cardboard, glass and cans, less space for general rubbish and a £40-a-year charge for garden waste.

Rotherham Borough Council is aiming to reduce its £11 million-a-year household waste bill by £1.3 million.

Eight weeks of consultation will run until January 26 and the results will be published ahead of a final decision being made.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,5300-respond-to-consultation-on-bin-changes-in-just-three-weeks_25071.htm

Respond yourself: http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/consultations

3 thoughts on “5,300 respond to consultation on bin changes in just three weeks

  1. If there is a charge for garden waste, there is going to be a massive increase in fly tipping and the associated costs to clean up. Garden waste can be turned into compost, this can be made into a very sustainable business by Rotherham council, if only they would use their brains for a change.


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