The Year That Was 2017 Top twenty

2017 was another busy year for Rotherham Politics.

Below is the top twenty for 2017

  1. The MrBean Hussain & Chris Read Letters: Boys will be..?
  2. Gaggan Sabherwal and the Look North investigation into Jayne Senior
  3. Sansome and Delilah.
  4. Momentum losing it..
  5. Man with 145 child porn images avoids jail
  6. ‘Evil’ child rapist offered victim’s family money to drop case
  7. Child sex ring jailed for 81 years for “vile” abuse of two Rotherham girls
  8. Rotherham abuse: 12 men charged with 44 child sex offences
  9. When a wheel fell off Emma Hoddinotts bandwagon
  10. Five guilty in Rotherham child sex abuse trial
  11. Has Sarah Champion lost the plot?
  12. Last nights events in Eastwood
  13. The man who would be Mayor: But is he a fit and proper person?
  14. That’s champion! But 1400 wrongs don’t make a Wright
  15. Hubris, hypocrisy and Hoddinott.
  16. News of UKIP Rotherham
  17. Letter to the Media about Muhbeen Hussain
  18. Sansome: I was a henchman for Jahangir Akhtar & Roger Stone
  19. Whistleblower: Rotherham scandal ‘was no cock-up’
  20. Phil Turner vituperates on the EDL demonstration in Rotherham

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