Abuse victims told they can’t sue council for compensation

Victims of abuse who claim that councils failed to protect them may not be entitled to compensation.

A Court of Appeal ruling in a case against Poole council could affect thousands of people, including victims of the Rotherham grooming scandal, experts say.

The case was brought by a Dorset woman who claimed that it had failed to protect her disabled son against her neighbours’ antisocial behaviour. In May 2006 the unnamed family moved into a new home arranged by the council. According to the judgment, the council knew “that a family lived in nearby accommodation who engaged persistently in antisocial behaviour”.

The woman and her sons were subjected to “significant harassment and abuse” and one of the boys tried to kill himself, but the appeal judges concluded that: “No duty of care can be owed by a local authority in the exercise of child-protection functions to investigate and take action to prevent significant harm.”

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/abuse-victims-told-they-cant-sue-council-for-compensation-vj9wkn6nq

3 thoughts on “Abuse victims told they can’t sue council for compensation

  1. Labour controlled RMBC must be hoping that this decision is mirrored in Rotherham, a class action for compensation being argued in court would expose the names of who knew what and when and that just wouldn’t sit well with the Labour group.


  2. It might make the Council Leadership finally finish the clear out – there are still at least 3 senior councillors, still holding lucrative positions, I might add, from that time – Ellis – Atkins and Wyatt. If Labour had changed the clear out would have been total…………..


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