Ukip leader, 54, leaves his wife for a 25-year-old model: Henry Bolton confirms new relationship but denies ‘clandestine affair’

  • Henry Bolton started a relationship with Jo Marney, a party member from Kent
  • Miss Marney has posted Facebook pictures of her and Mr Bolton together
  • Mr Bolton admitted relationship to members, but denied a ‘clandestine affair’

Ukip’s leader admitted last night that he had left his 42-year-old wife for a model aged just 25.

Henry Bolton, 54, who took over from Paul Nuttall last September, confirmed that he had started a relationship in recent weeks with Jo Marney, a party member from Kent.

Miss Marney, who describes herself as a model, actor and journalist, appears to have spent a good amount of time with Mr Bolton over Christmas and has posted Facebook pictures of them together.

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6 thoughts on “Ukip leader, 54, leaves his wife for a 25-year-old model: Henry Bolton confirms new relationship but denies ‘clandestine affair’

  1. No wonder he said he would sell his family home to “finance Ukip”.

    The new Leader who said that if Ann Marie Waters who was one of the leadership candiates won the UKIP leadership election UKIP would be “finished” and said she was “too Far Right” for UKIP.

    The Brexit Party again sees itself in the media over their Leader, the silence from Bolton after being elected was questionable, but now his leadership also comes under criticism.
    He said after he won the Leadership back in September that his wife was supportive, when he was questioned back in October 2017 about how is wife felt about his plan regarding his comments over the family home he said “She is nervous and supportive” but has since said that he had split from his wife back in July 2017 something doesn’t add up he his now very untrustworthy.

    So much for the party of ‘integrity’ and ‘family values’ UKIP is now the sleaziest party in modern British politics looks like Nigel’s legacy does live on in UKIP.


    • Why does being anti-Islam automatically make you far right?
      Anyone looking honestly at her background must conclude that on the political spectrum she is certainly left of centre.
      Always thought there was something dodgy about Bolton.


  2. Jilted Boltons wife speaks out…
    It’s true Henry Bolton and his wife’s marriage was under stain for months. Sources close to the 54-year-old UKIP leader have said his wife moved to Vienna in Austria to take up a job with a EU funded security organization.
    His wife moved back in July, but Henry Bolton made it public knowledge that he was a wholesome happily married family man. Yet now it turns out that he wasn’t at the time of his statements during the UKIP leadership election. He is now officialy recognised has a liar.
    UKIP members were repeatedly told he won because he had the right background and image on paper.
    Well it turns out that it was all a lie.
    Lots of comments from UKIP members on social media don’t take issue with his private life and don’t take issue with what his new mistress does for a living, but the false narrative he was portrayed to be is what the members take issue with.
    Can Bolton now be the man to lead UKIP or is this finally the last nail in the coffin.


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