Lucie Cocker: Help us to save the NHS – a junior doctor’s plea from the A&E frontline

“ONCE more unto the breach” they say to each other grimacing.

It’s 10pm in A&E, the night shift doctors are starting work and the growing winter pressures are evident.

The waiting room is heaving, cubicles are overflowing with patients and the waiting time to be seen by a doctor is growing longer and longer.

The short-staffed team of doctors and nurses battle to try and tend to people the best they can as more patients walk in and more ambulances arrive.

Despite the team’s best efforts, patients with painful broken limbs and infections wait hours to be seen, sat on hard metal chairs in the waiting room, while others spill out into the corridor.

This may sound like fiction but this is the reality faced in A&Es in Yorkshire, and up and down the country, as we speak.

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Dr Lucie Cocker is an A&E doctor and chair of Yorkshire BMA Junior Doctors Committee.

1 thought on “Lucie Cocker: Help us to save the NHS – a junior doctor’s plea from the A&E frontline

  1. We have had a massive increase in population thanks to Blair, Brown and the EU. This has increased demand for services and for housing. This has, together with low interest rates inreased house prices and pressure on services especially the NHS.
    The cry will now be blame the Tories and spend, spend, spend. The results of this may well be hyperinflation and possible social breakdown.
    Never mind blame the Tories in accordance with programming!


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