MP’s anger at knock-back for fresh HS2 consultation call

AN MP has hit out at the Department for Transport after it rejected his call for a new HS2 rail route consultation.

Sir Kevin Barron, MP for Rother Valley, is angry after the government said no to a rethink despite admitting using inaccurate figures over the number of properties that would be effected.

The government’s preferred HS2 route in South Yorkshire — known as the “M18 route”, which heads through Aston and up to the Dearne Valley — was chosen after an alternative through Meadowhall was ditched after opposition by Sheffield City Council.

Read on…,mps-anger-at-knockback-for-fresh-hs2-consultation-call_25187.htm

3 thoughts on “MP’s anger at knock-back for fresh HS2 consultation call

  1. Hehehe! How does it feel, Mr ‘IDon’tHaveToRespondToYou’ Barron? Time you had a taste of your own medicine! That’s what happens when the people you think you are up there with show you how insignificant you really are!


  2. These people ate unbelievable
    They can get angry and upset over a train
    But can’t be bothered with kids being groomed and raped
    They totally disgust me


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