Horses help fight crime in Eastwood

POLICE have been horsing around a Rotherham estate in a bid to clamp down on anti-social behaviour.

South Yorkshire Police’s four-hoofed officers Stocksbridge, Cubley and Bawtry teamed up with their two-legged counterparts as part of a community engagement event in Eastwood.

The event on Tuesday saw Rotherham Central neighbourhood officers work with staff from Rotherham Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour team to get feedback and evidence from the public.

Stocksbridge, Cubley and Bawtry, along with handlers PC Tracey Brown, PC Julie Bradshaw and PC Michelle Goodson, patrolled the streets as officers chatted to residents.

Read on…,horses-help-fight-crime-in-eastwood_25228.htm

4 thoughts on “Horses help fight crime in Eastwood

  1. Brill , hows about some input from Rotherham council environment team ? back yards full of rubbish all waiting to spill out onto sts .


  2. Seems about right, bringing a part of the residents past communities to their future.
    I wonder if Cllr Hoddinott was also present she would have fit right in.


  3. The horse Sh*t will help grow the weeds i aint seen any flowers down there. I bet some of the Eastwood Village community loved the little history lesson and showed the rest just how they would really like the Eastwood Village to be, vermin, rubbish, broken vehicles broken Furniture, music man groups on street corners all thanks to RMBC.
    I wonder if Cllr Hoddinott was also present she would have fit right in playing with the horsies


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