Is UKIP leader’s new girlfriend a secret Anne Marie Waters fan?

New social media posts have emerged which suggest UKIP leader Henry Bolton’s new girlfriend could be a secret fan of Anne Marie Waters’ politics.

Jo Marney has rarely been out of the headlines in recent days after revelations that the UKIP leader had split from his wife over Christmas to be with the 25-year-old model. Although the pair have put on a united front, some of Marney’s previous social media activity implies they could be at odds with each other over their views on Islam.

Bolton, 54, was a fierce critic of Waters throughout the UKIP leadership campaign as he made several unfounded allegations that the party could “easily slip towards ideals of national socialism” should she win the party vote. Following Bolton’s victory in September, he was asked by journalists whether the party had avoided becoming the “UK Nazi Party” – referring to his earlier comments during the campaign – to which he replied “Absolutely, yes”.

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2 thoughts on “Is UKIP leader’s new girlfriend a secret Anne Marie Waters fan?

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