David Behrens: Why does this tree plan have to cost the taxpayer a packet?

BRITAIN, we learned this week, is seeing a dramatic reduction in smoking.

It is a welcome statistic yet it worries me on one level. With fewer fag packets knocking around, what now will the Government do its arithmetic on the back of?

It’s hard to imagine what other sort of calculation led Michael Gove to announce on Monday that £500m would be spent over the next 27 years on the planting of 50m trees along the M62 corridor from Hull to Liverpool.

Let’s not be negative: this is a good idea. Indeed, it is the first good and original idea to have come from Whitehall in as long as I can remember.

But half a billion quid? Really?

Read more at: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opinion/david-behrens-why-does-this-tree-plan-have-to-cost-the-taxpayer-a-packet-1-8955336

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3 Responses to David Behrens: Why does this tree plan have to cost the taxpayer a packet?

  1. Marie says:

    can’t wait for Rotherham Labour to rush up there for a another phot shoot “Look what we did”

  2. malcontent says:

    Spread over 27 years that’s £185,000 per year or £506 per day. Peanuts really.

    • reg reader says:

      … and as the Yorkshire Post had noted 6 days earlier,
      “An ambitious project to create a “Northern Forest” of 50m trees along the M62 corridor will begin in March after the Government pledged £5.7m of taxpayers’ cash to get the 25-year project started.”

      The rest of the money will have to come from Charitable organisations:
      “Led by the Woodland Trust, it will be created by connecting five Community Forests, including Leeds White Rose Forest, Hull’s HEYwoods Project and South Yorkshire Community Forest. In partnership with other bodies, 25,000 hectares of woodland will be established at a total cost of £500m over the project’s 25 years.”

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