Ukip leader’s future uncertain despite splitting from girlfriend

Ukip leader’s future uncertain despite splitting from girlfriend

Henry Bolton ‘will resign or be sacked’ over his handling of racist comments by Jo Marney

Henry Bolton’s future as Ukip leader is in the balance, with some senior party figures calling on him to resign despite him ending his relationship with an activist found to have sent a series of racist and offensive messages.

Suzanne Evans, formerly Ukip’s deputy leader, said she expected Bolton to either resign or be sacked because of how he handled his relationship with Jo Marney, who made racial slurs against Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s fiancee.

Bolton, who was elected to the role three months ago, said he would stay in the post “for the good of the party” and was being unfairly targeted by people who had always opposed his leadership.

Some senior Ukip figures said Bolton should not be forced out immediately, in part to avoid a fourth leadership election in 16 months.

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My romance with Jo Marney is over, says Ukip leader Henry Bolton

He was told to choose his racist girlfriend or his role as Ukip leader, but despite ditching his partner yesterday Henry Bolton could still be ousted as party chief.

Jo Marney, a 25-year-old model, had described Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s fiancée, as a “black American” who would “taint” the royal family and said “this is Britain, not Africa”, according to The Mail on Sunday. She was suspended from the party.

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2 thoughts on “Ukip leader’s future uncertain despite splitting from girlfriend

  1. Henry Bolton has tonight told the news media he “can’t guarantee” he will still be Ukip leader by the end of the week as he declared that he is still “standing by” his now ex-girlfriend.

    Mr Bolton made a passionate defence of Jo Marney this morning as the furore continued after her past comments on Facebook.
    He held interviews this morning and said he and Jo Marney had split.
    But he later told the News Media the couple had only “put their relationship on hold” and said he would still be standing by Ms Marney.
    Mr Bolton said she had been left “almost suicidal” by the exposure and criticism of her comments.

    “I’m standing by her,” he said. “I’m absolutely supporting her and putting her life back together. She has been deliberately exploited … in order for people to attack me.

    Henry has resisted calls to stand down as he played down unrest in the party as “a couple of the former leadership contenders” still jostling for the position he gained last year.

    But asked if he would still be in his role by Friday, he said: “It’s a decision for the party… I can’t guarantee it.”


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