Labour MPs’ threat to quit over purge by left wing

Moderate Labour MPs are threatening to quit and sit as independents in the Commons if they are deselected as the left tightens its grip on the party.

Three Momentum-backed candidates, including Jon Lansman, founder of the pro-Corbyn network, were elected to Labour’s influential governing body yesterday. The leftwingers won the national executive committee (NEC) seats by a landslide, beating moderate and independent candidates including the comedian Eddie Izzard, who came fourth.

The result prompted fears among centrists that the left would push ahead with trying to deselect MPs in favour of candidates who were more aligned with Jeremy Corbyn. The NEC presides over Labour’s rule book, guarantees the propriety of its selection process and helps to oversee policy development.

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2 thoughts on “Labour MPs’ threat to quit over purge by left wing

  1. Welcome result.

    Accountability should be the name of the game by elected policians or face re call.

    Too many members of the party not on the payroll have been treated as 2nd class and leaflet fodder for too long yet not been engaged in policy development.


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