officialaccountability – issues in Hooton Roberts

You attention is drawn to recent events documented on officialaccountability

concerning a recent visit by South Yorkshire Police, to a property in Hooton Roberts.

Who is in charge of SYP Legal Department? Give us a name!

To follow on from previous posts, here are a few more photographs, showing the damage which South Yorkshire Police states it did not cause, at 20.20 on the evening of 07 November 2017, when at least 8 SYP Officers, entered this Hooton Roberts property at night, only to find (surprise, surprise) that the house door was and I quote ‘open’.

Well the police are ‘upright citizens’ aren’t they? So surely we must believe them?

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2 thoughts on “officialaccountability – issues in Hooton Roberts

  1. I am seriously concerned over the content of this article, and the parallels that can be drawn with my own experience, i.e. the same unnecessarily violent arrest, raising concerns about the effect on my health, the destruction of CCTV footage, the unlawful support of a ‘Legal Services’ department, and falsified witness statements on from police.

    In July 2016, I went to Rotherham Main Street Police Station to report a crime. Instead of getting help, I was threatened, and then seriously physically assaulted by police officers, who later claimed that I had assaulted them. I, (at the time, a 60 year old woman of diminutive stature), was pepper sprayed, forced to the ground and asphyxiated. My cuffed arms were raised high up my back while considerable weight was applied to my lower back from someone sitting on me. I was left bruised and battered and in considerable shock, given that I had never been in trouble with the police in my life. I was then subjected to a false arrest on trumped up charges of assaulting a police officer.

    On my release from custody, I immediately instigated a complaint which sparked a year long investigation. I was first forced to wait six months to go to court, where I was ultimately acquitted of the charge brought against me. They then proceeded with an investigation in which I demanded to know why there was no CCTV footage retained from both the police station where I was arrested and the custody suite where I was taken, since their entire story was based on that evidence.

    I took this case to the IPCC, who accepted a mountain of falsified reports, hearsay, and even opinions from people who were not involved and were not present, and who accepted the falsified police version of events, in spite of their obvious tampering of evidence, their inconsistent accounts, and the fact that I was acquitted of their falsified charge.

    Only one of the police officers that have been identified in the article has been involved in my case, which suggests to me that the practice of violent arrests, followed by the destruction of CCTV evidence against them, is more widespread than we would be led to believe, and is an accepted practice for all SYP officers. That police officer has supposedly been investigating the crime that I had originally tried to report, although, in spite of it being an active investigation, has not reported any progress for nearly a year now. There is something very, very wrong with this police force, which needs to be addressed immediately! ‘Feral’ is an extremely apt description!


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