So Henry Bolton is still UKIP Leader?

So Henry Bolton is still UKIP Leader?

This intolerable farce will now continue for at least another week before the National Executive Committee meets on Sunday 21st

Further evidence of his complete lack of judgement is that incredulously Mr Bolton still thinks he can continue any association with Jo Marney, as Leader, despite her membership of UKIP having been suspended. He appears oblivious to the fact that being associated not even just as a casual acquaintance, but “in a [self-proclaimed] new relationship”, and proposing (by only ending the romantic aspect) an ongoing association with such a person has brought UKIP and the position of Leader into utter disrepute on a daily basis for the past 10 days and will continue to do so.

Just as the party and members start begin to recover from the horror of the revelation of one vile Jo Marney Social Media post, another even more poisonous one has made further headlines: inhumane comments about the Grenfell Tower fire victims/survivors; then gross and physiologically inaccurate views on reproduction; followed by overtly racist and hurtful comments about Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle; and now, to cap it all, joking about the sexual abuse of babies.

This morning Bolton has indicated that more is to be revealed about the context of these posts, so the saga will continue. What ever next?

 I can say that a few more leaked headlines which will be in the media tomorrow will be has shocking as those of the passed few days.

 One story to emerge tonight and likely to be headlines tommorow is that Henry Bolton insisted he had no knowledge of Jo Marney’s views but it has now been revealed he sent menacing texts to try to stop a former boyfriend from leaking private message.

 In his exchange with Marney’s ex, Mr Bolton warns: “You are so far out of your depth here. You are playing with Fire”.

The Ukip boss added: “It’s a shame you let Ben talk you into releasing the other messages you received from Jo. Why did you do that?”

The ex-boyfriend replied: “If I tell you why will you promise not to basically make my life agony? Not going to lie, you scare me.”

Mr Bolton then told him: “If you tell me yes, but more so if you promise not to do this again. Then I will leave you alone”.

 The anti-EU party boss also demanded the ex-boyfriend delete screenshots of Marney’s rants, and threatened him with legal action if he didn’t.

This has sparked yet more doubts over Mr Bolton’s judgement and deepened the calls for him to go.

Former Ukip leadership contender and rival Ben Walker said: “Threatening anybody to withhold the truth with no legal basis is bad enough but, to do it as an ex-policeman and now political party leader is unforgivable”.

Mr Bolton has denied his messages were anything to do with Marney’s racist attacks on Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle.

His split from Jo but his support for her has infuriated senior party figures, he insisted he would still remain friends with her and “stand by” her.

Also tonight Boltons ex-wife tonight has said ” she won’t  support him”

What was required was an assurance of complete disassociation henceforth, together with a sincerely contrite and fulsome apology to UKIP members for his misjudgement, this never happened.

This has been and will continue to be so destructive to UKIP is it time for the Chairman to exercise his UKIP Constitution Emergency powers? – quoted below –

 UKIP Constitution Chairman’s Emergency powers:

 11.9 In cases of exceptional gravity and urgency the Party Chairman may, of his own motion, exercise any of the powers set out in Article 11.5 except that under 11.5 (f) above [expel the Respondent Member from membership for a specified period or permanently] in respect of any member, with due regard to proportionality. The Party Chairman shall, within twenty-four hours of so acting, notify the Party Secretary of his action.

11.10 Upon being so notified the Party Secretary shall convene as soon as possible an Emergency Disciplinary Panel composed of himself (or an independent chairman appointed in accordance with the rules made under Article 11.7 and 11.8) and not more than two voting members of the NEC.

However: If the chairman were to use his emergency powers then there would be a need for an Emergency Panel. This would include “not more than 2 voting members of the NEC”. Those two would have to be chosen by the Party Secretary. The Party Secretary may know how the NEC members plan to vote on Sunday 21st. Thus the choice of which 2 members could be critical.

It could therefore be alleged that the Party Secretary, in choosing the NEC members, was biased. That allegation could lead to a legal action, which could take a month or two.

The use of the Emergency Powers could take longer and cost more than simply waiting until the NEC meeting on Sunday 21st January 2018.

For these reasons I recommend the UKIP party chairman do NOT use those emergency powers. Instead wait for the Sunday 21 January 2018 NEC meeting.

As the bitter UKIP in-fighting continues rivals have continued their calls for Mr Bolton to go.

Today Bill Etheridge resigns but was told by Bolton he’d already been sacked. Suzanne Evans sticks the boot into Nigel for not calling his son to resign (see Breitbart).

Henry Bolton is still so delusional that he clings to the ridiculous title of ‘Leader’ ?

The NEC have not risen up as one to call on him to GO !

Nor the MEPs neither ? ( Sorry I forgot they’re too busy planning their financial arrangements for post March 2019.) when they will become jobless.

Perhaps to raise cash for UKIP they should all write a book. “How To Destroy Your Own Political Party while sticking two fingers up to your members in one easy lesson”

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