ERYC Councillor fined over £1,000 for failing to tear down ‘party shed’

A TORY councillor and her husband have been ordered to pay over £1,000 each for failing to remove a 25-ft “party shed” from their land.

East Riding councillor Kerri Harold and her husband Roy pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a council enforcement notice at Beverley Magistrates today.

The court heard they put up the timber shed without planning permission on their paddock at Ferry Lane, Woodmansey and held three functions for their children as well as a charity fundraiser, sparking complaints from neighbours.

East Riding Council issued an enforcement notice in July 2016, ordering them to stop using it for events and to remove the shed and everything from barbecue equipment to planters.

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1 thought on “ERYC Councillor fined over £1,000 for failing to tear down ‘party shed’

  1. Clearly this woman is “not fit” to be a Councillor and should resign immediately ! If she cannot abide by the rules of the very Council she serves upon then why should any of member of the public in East Yorkshire ? The excuse that neither she. nor her husband, could understand the documentation beggars belief ! If she is so “thick” as too not understand the documents all she needed to do was phone the Planning Department and ask for their assistance to clarify the matter !Sounds to me like a typical Councillor – one rule for them. another one for ne !! Just look at Councillors and ex Councillors in RMBC who have been hauled in front of the Magistrates for failing to take heed of notices issued by the Council or failure to pay their Council Tax. A bunch of shysters the lot of them !


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