6 thoughts on “Exhibit number two

  1. Fact is that the chair Jim Andrews who had some competence fell on his sword.

    Whereas understand from reliable sources the vice chair who either has a problem with his memory or accepting responsibility again preferred to cling onto his special allowowance.

    Then he said he was not aware despite bein vice chair?

    Was this incompetence or deception or dereliction of duty or all 3 ?

    He is currently presiding over 50% fire cuts in Rotherham. Saying sod the people he should be representing.

    Then it was revealed it was the current chair of planning at RMBC.

    Revealed that he used the same weasel words in not warning the public for over 10 uears about the risks of CSE grooming to their kids.
    Then it was found he knew for all that time.

    The common denominator is cllr atkin.


  2. Why is the rest of labour group saddling us with this clown when he is clearly not competent and up to the job?

    Where are the local MPs for our town when he is putting their constituents in peril?.


  3. Good question Jo, just what are the three local MPs doing to prevent risk to life cuts in fire cover?

    Not a fan of Mayor Burnham, however on the issue of fire service cuts he is on the right side of history for once.


  4. Has atkins been relieved yet from his fire comm duties?

    If not it reflects badly on their judgement or that they do not think they can replace the inept cllr.


  5. Just seen podcast of council meeting.

    Not seen so many questions on one issue.

    It was embarassing to watch cllr atkins as vice chair try to answer questions. At times he was incoherant and fluffed his prepared lines.

    To that young lib cllr he was rude and arrogant.

    No wonder he is incapable of representing and defending the publics safety.


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