Jeremy Corbyn allies plot to oust 50 Labour MPs

Secret hitlist of moderates for deselection

Up to 50 Labour MPs are on a deselection hitlist drawn up by left-wing supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, it has been claimed.

Moderate Labour MPs have been warned that Corbyn’s allies want centrist candidates replaced with more left-leaning ones.

A Labour Party whip has been privately telling moderate MPs not to rock the boat or they could face deselection, amid fears that up to 50 will be targeted if rule changes are pushed through this autumn.

Chris Leslie, the former shadow chancellor, and Hilary Benn, the former shadow foreign secretary, are believed to top the list. Angela Eagle, who challenged Corbyn for the leadership in 2016, and her sister Maria Eagle, the former shadow culture secretary, are also thought to be vulnerable.

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Labour now ‘completely taken over’ by Corbyn’s ‘leftist clique’, warns Sir Tony Robinson

LABOUR has now been “completely taken over” by Jeremy Corbyn’s Lefty allies, actor and party die-hard Sir Tony Robinson has warned.

He said the group was moving increasingly to the left and had abandoned hard-working centrists in order to push through ’s policy.It comes after Ann Black, a long-standing disputes officer with the ‘s NEC, was replaced by an ally of Mr Corbyn.Ms Black has been replaced by Christine Shawcroft, a director of the Momentum pressure group, sparking fury from within the party.Read on…

Momentum Barbara Ntumy on Corbyn’s ‘exciting new vision’

Taking to the potter’s wheel, Momentum Barbara Ntumy looks at Jeremy Corbyn’s “exciting new vision”.

She said this week’s election to the party’s National Executive Committee showed party members had backed the leader’s agenda.


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