Henry Bolton: I won’t quit as Ukip leader – and may get back with Marney

Henry Bolton: I won’t quit as Ukip leader – and may get back with Marney

Bolton insists he will stay to ‘drain the swamp’ within party despite mass resignations

Henry Bolton has refused to quit as Ukip leader and signalled he may rekindle his romance with a young activist who sent racist text messages, despite mass resignations from the party’s senior team over his handling of the affair.

The Ukip leader insisted he wanted to stay in post to “drain the swamp” within the party, even though at least 15 of his spokespeople have now quit their jobs in protest at his behaviour.

Read on… https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jan/22/henry-bolton-refuses-to-quit-as-ukip-leader-amid-mass-resignations

Henry Bolton refuses to quit as Ukip leader and vows to ‘drain the swamp’ after two thirds of his top team resign

Nigel Farage has backed Henry Bolton’s decision not to resign as leader of of the UK Indpendence Party despite two thirds of his spokesmen quitting in protest.

That came a day after the party’s ruling National Executive Committee overwhelmingly voted to pass a motion of no confidence in him.

Writing on the Telegraph’s website, Mr Farage, the former Ukip leader, said Mr Bolton should copy Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and win the backing of rank and file members despite the lack of support from Ukip’s leadership team and its NEC.

He said: “As one party spokesman after another resigns, I am reminded of the nightmare Jeremy Corbyn faced in 2016 when 21 members of his shadow cabinet resigned.

Read on… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/01/22/ukip-deputy-leader-partys-brexit-spokesman-resign-pressure-grows/

Ukip leader Henry Bolton clings on despite mass resignations

Ukip’s embattled leader refused to quit last night despite being left with fewer than half of his top team after a humiliating wave of resignations.

A defiant Henry Bolton told a press conference, hastily convened on the driveway of a hotel in Folkestone, that he would continue as leader, resisting calls for his departure from his deputy leader and other Ukip spokesmen and women who resigned in protest at his refusal to step down yesterday.

He vowed to purge rivals he blamed for “factional infighting” and, channelling President Trump, said he would “drain the swamp” of internal dissent.

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/ukip-leader-henry-bolton-clings-on-despite-mass-resignations-ghx2v0kjx

Farage BACKS Henry Bolton to stay in charge of Ukip saying he can be ‘the party’s Jeremy Corbyn’ by winning over ordinary members… but party chiefs stop the under-fire leader’s pay

  • UKIP leader Henry Bolton has insisted he will not resign despite intense pressure
  • Series of UKIP frontbenchers have quit and demanded leader go immediately
  • UKIP’s ruling executive backed a motion of no confidence in him yesterday
  • A week ago it emerged his girlfriend had been racist about Meghan Markle
  • Mr Bolton’s stance supported by ex-leader Nigel Farage in newspaper article
  • Also reported that the leader’s salary has been frozen in effort to force him out

Nigel Farage has backed UKIP leader Henry Bolton as he vowed to fight on today despite being hit with a wave of resignations – and having his salary frozen by bosses.

Mr Bolton dismissed calls to quit after the party’s executive committee voted for a motion of no confidence in him yesterday following revelations his ex-girlfriend sent racist messages about Prince Harry‘s fiancée Meghan Markle.

The pressure intensified today as 16 out of 24 frontbench spokesmen – including his deputy Margot Parker – announced they were quitting in the space of 24 hours, warning Mr Bolton that his ‘time is up’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5296533/Ukip-deputy-quits-protest-Henry-Bolton-s-refusal-go.html#ixzz54xsmqEzD

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