Henry Bolton saga continues – Wednesday 24th January

There’s still life in Ukip, but for the party’s sake Henry, please go!

If I had £1 for every time I was told “Ukip is finished”, I’d be rich. But this is our 25th year and last week we took three times the Lib Dem vote in a by-election in Bolton. Nationally we are polling ahead of the Green party, and no one is saying those two parties are finished, so I’m confident there’s life in Ukip yet.

That doesn’t mean the current crisis isn’t potentially catastrophic, coming as it does at the end of a bad run of leadership disasters. We are a long way away from those heady days when we won the 2014 European elections;, saw Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless’s dramatic defections, and Douglas returned to parliament when the party nationally took 14 per cent of the vote in the 2015 general election. Now, we will be lucky to hold on to any of the council seats we will defend in May. Having spent much of the last five years defending Ukip against unfair criticism, for once I don’t blame anyone having a joke at our expense.

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/there-s-still-life-in-ukip-but-for-the-party-s-sake-henry-please-go-dp8xqzv7j

I regret the pain I’ve caused my family and Ukip, the party I serve

It’s a funny thing. Despite becoming leader of a national political party, a party through whose efforts the country was given the opportunity to vote upon its future, I cannot pretend that anybody beyond a very small circle had heard of some chap called Henry Bolton.

All that changed a few weeks ago, when life did what life does at times and took an unexpected turn. The results of which have amongst other things meant that I can no longer go anywhere without legions of citizen journalists snapping away on their mobiles and sending them on – at a fee – to any news outlet that will pay.

Read on… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/01/23/let-get-leading-ukip-will-hold-complacent-pro-eu-elites-feet/

Ukip leader Henry Bolton says split from racist lover Jo Marney is complicated

The leader of Ukip refused to say yesterday that he had separated from the 25-year-old model whose racist texts plunged the party into anarchy, despite previously saying their relationship was over.

In comments that endanger his precarious grip on his job, Henry Bolton acknowledged that he was still in contact with Jo Marney, whose offensive remarks about Meghan Markle led to Ukip’s ruling national executive committee unanimously passing a motion of no confidence in him.

Mr Bolton, 54, has refused to resign over the affair but has hitherto stressed that the romantic element of his relationship with Ms Marney was over. Yesterday, however, he declined to say whether they had separated and told Talk Radio only that he was “moving on” and “we have moved on”.

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/ukip-leader-henry-bolton-says-split-from-racist-lover-jo-marney-is-complicated-lppqkp8rz

2 thoughts on “Henry Bolton saga continues – Wednesday 24th January

  1. While it’s ok for the now ex-deputy leader to say that UKIP took three times the Lib Dem vote in a by-election in Bolton and that Nationally UKIP are polling ahead of the Green party, that isnt the comments coming out from Bolton.
    BOLTON’S UKIP chief has pointed the finger at the party’s scandal-hit leader following the poor by-election showing.
    UKIP candidate Beverley Fletcher polled just 6.5 per cent taking only 190 votes in the battle for Hulton ward, as Conservative Toby Hewitt took the seat.

    Cllr Sean Hornby, leader of UKIP’s Bolton Group, says there is ‘no doubt’ the scandal engulfing Henry Bolton – whose glamour model girlfriend sent racist text messages about Meghan Markle – had an effect.

    He added: “We got a bit of a bloodbath at the by-election on Thursday. We didn’t expect to win the seat, but we didn’t expect to lose so badly our percentage of the vote has halved in less than 12 months”.

    In an official statement Cllr Paul Richardson, chairman of UKIP’s Bolton branch, said: “There is no doubt that the situation in the higher echelons of UKIP regarding the leadership is a mess.

    “Following Henry Bolton’s refusal to resign, the party has a constitutional process which will now be followed leading to a vote of members who attend a special EGM within the next 28 days. This should resolve the matter one way or the other.

    “Locally, members of UKIP and those who vote UKIP will no doubt have a range of opinions on what is going on – opinions which have yet to be tested.

    Meanwhile in the Isle of Wight:
    Criticism of Henry Bolton has led to one local branch of UKIP to decide that it can no longer campaign in the upcoming round of local elections in May.
    The Isles of Wight branch has announced that although it is “too late to formally withdraw” their by-election candidate it will “ensure no attendance from our party and no further campaigning will take place.”

    Rod Mosnicka, Chairman of UKIP on the Isle of Wight, released a statement announcing the decision:
    “The local UKIP Branch Committee is unanimous in its condemnation of the racist remarks of Henry Bolton’s ex-girlfriend.
    The Committee views with dismay, the immature way in which this situation has been handled by Henry Bolton whose inaction has brought the party yet again into disrepute and ridicule.
    On behalf of the local Branch, I humbly apologise for the farce that has ensued and hope our members will understand, that is both unethical and not credible to campaign on behalf of the party in its present state”.

    Senior members have reacted with dismay to the decision but said it was indicative of the wider problems that Party members now face one saying:
    “This is a dreadful example of the difficulties hard-working activists are having defending the indefensible on the doorstep to voters. Not only has Mr Bolton let himself down, he’s letting down ardent members and displaying utter contempt for their commitment and efforts to date in the areas they represent. His madness must end before he ends the hopes and aspirations of the Party’s grassroots”.

    Whether they will participate in the May elections now surely must be open to question.


  2. It has been announced this morning that All 17 UKIP councillors on Thurrock District Council have just resigned the party whip and formed a new Independent Group. Keep telling yourself that Henry isn’t killing the UKIP party that people worked hard to establish.


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