Tony Blair’s sports minister enters race for Sheffield mayor as deadline looms

Former sports minister Richard Caborn has entered the race to be Labour’s candidate for mayor of South Yorkshire.

The anti-apartheid campaigner and ex-MP said he would fight the “shocking disparity” in transport spending between London and the Sheffield city region.

Caborn, who was born in the steel city, declared just hours before today’s 5pm deadline for nominations to be Labour’s representative in the race.

The Labour candidate will start as red-hot favourite in Sheffield, which has been Labour-run since 2011.

Caborn, who held ministerial posts in the department for culture, media and sport, as well as trade and industry, under Tony Blair, said his priority was to ensure people in south Yorkshire finally enjoyed the benefits of devolution.

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16 thoughts on “Tony Blair’s sports minister enters race for Sheffield mayor as deadline looms

  1. This will upset the Barnsley Leader Who it was said was lining himself up to be the Mayor now who will Reed back but you can’t beleive owt Reed says on the subject he changes his mind daily.


  2. Another washed up ex Minister looking to boost his pension pot.

    Anti-Apartheid campaigner? Apartheid officially ended 27 years ago in case he hasn’t noticed.
    What magnificent sums of money flowed northwards for transport on Caborn’s watch?

    He’s more interested in sports than politics.


  3. Not a Labour, or other party supporter.
    I have met Caborn years back. Despite his politics I must admit I liked him.
    Seems to me he may be the best of a bad lot.
    A strong independent candidate would be a welcome change.


  4. I am in no doubt that the old guard in Labour will be happy to see one of the old boys take this position however things are so different these days. Momentum have the members locally to put a candidate forward who is more aligned Jeremy and his policies. If Labour members are asked to vote he has no chance


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  7. For your information a large portion of Sheffield suppertram money came from the South Yorkshire ratepayers it was agreed by the old South Yorkshire county council then when that disbanded it was left to the 4 South Yorkshire councils to pick up the tab Rotherhams contribution was around the 1million a year mark for around 25 years I think
    they did try and get it quashed by the high court but lost as all 4 Council leaders signed the agreement
    That ment Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley rate payers helped pay for Sheffields transport system with no benifit to them much like will happen with a Sheffield city region


  8. The millstone of HS2 could make Caborn an electoral liability, the decision to route HS2 via the city centre impacts on villages outside Sheffield, and it takes South Yorkshire off the main HS2 proposed HS2 timetable, Caborn supported the lobbying for the Sheffield centre route.
    If I was part of the various anti-HS2 groups and Caborn is selected as the Labour Mayoral candidate I would have a field day in making sure the residents along the new route are fully aware of his role.
    Caborn supported the route as he thought it would improve the economy of Sheffield and turned his back on a Meadowhall HS2 station that would bring the few positives of HS2 to the wider South Yorkshire economy, so Caborn is biased towards Sheffield, a potential Mayor for South Yorkshire?
    I think not.
    Although a better option than Read.


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