Union officials backed by MPs in fight against fire cuts

ROTHERHAM’S three MPs have backed fire union officials for speaking out about the risks of reduced overnight fire cover.

The issue of Rotherham’s reduced fire cover was brought up at Wednesday’s full council meeting as UKIP called for a return of the second night-time pump.

Since last March, only one of the Fitzwilliam Road station’s two fire engines has been staffed at night after South Yorkshire Fire Authority voted to cut cover levels.

Crews have to rely on appliances coming from neighbouring stations in cases of major fires, which means those areas are left without cover.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,union-officials-backed-by-mps-in-fight-against-fire-cuts_25381.htm

9 thoughts on “Union officials backed by MPs in fight against fire cuts

  1. Fat lot of use.

    Why dont they lean on atkin and his anti union chums who sre putting the safety of the fire fighters and public at risk.

    Supposed to be a few union officials past and present on council?
    Says a lot about the labour group calibre when the support for fbu came from the right wing and Ukip.

    Time to get off the fence for action.


  2. As labour activists we watched the podcast at work during our snap time. its sad and a disgrace that support for the fbu union, their safety and protection of public came from ukip and powerful speakers.

    No one from labour had the courage of convictions to stand up to be counted.

    Time for a clearout and labour people who will feight back.


  3. I have seen UKIP stand up before to support working people when labour have not had the guts and crawled under a stone. And they also stood up later in the meeting against the council tax increases planned for working people and they demanded more jobs for Rotherham people from future developments.


  4. So when will Read have the cojones to terminate toby jug and send the tumbril trundling down Sandygate.
    Or will it be left to activists to demand and end to the reign of the hapless Atkin. My money is on activists but it needs to be soon before there is more doffing the cap to management.


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  6. Did the three local MPs show their support for the FBU from the start, or did they only surface when the heat was turned up by the FBU raising the risks of reduced fire cover?
    What I am surprised about is that Atkins still enjoys the full confidence of the Labour group, a blind man on a galloping horse can see that he is out of his depth.


  7. Well where are all the activists and lefties now. Why are they not demanding Atkin goes and demanding Read shows some leadership, laughable or what. Still they remain silent as they will when they learn about the council tax rise on working people while Cllrs support Eastern Europe and the block vote. Never anything to say when local labour screw up they vote like sheep.


  8. This is because the MPs need the Councillor’s to keep quiet
    And they will do all in their power to protect them and their highly paid inflated positions in the local Labour group on the Council
    Remember at least three Serving Councillor’s from the Wentworth and Dearne Constituency knew of CSE from 2005 and I beleive were not investigated by Labour when the Jay report was published Was not Healey on the Labour Party’s national executive at that time ??


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