Minister’s rebuke for Rotherham Council over bin shake-up

ROTHERHAM council officials have received a rebuke from the Government for turning their backs on the chance to launch plastic recycling collections.

Environment Minister Therese Coffey (pictured) wrote to Rotherham Borough Council urging the authority to rethink its decision not to propose kerbside plastic pick-ups as part of a major waste collection shake-up.

The council’s bin collection consultation runs until today.

Keeping the current arrangements would leave Rotherham as the only borough on the UK mainland from April where plastic is not collected alongside paper, cans and glass.

The council is currently consulting on a revamp which it hopes will save £1 million a year, with small black bins for household waste and a bigger recycling bin, but has stopped short of including plastic in the list of materials to be collected.

Read on…,ministers-rebuke-for-rotherham-council-over-bin-shakeup_25373.htm

6 thoughts on “Minister’s rebuke for Rotherham Council over bin shake-up

  1. Doesn’t look good for Hoddinott and a council that says we are moving on when it will be the only council not to collect plastics.
    We have recived a reply from our consultation questions and proposal which can be viewed in the link below.

    Answers to some of our questions are again questionable.
    We asked…
    ForRotherham would like the minutes from the meeting in which the decision to go ahead with the consultation the council made? knowing that only the Labour group had been in attendance.
    Answer… All council meeting minutes are publicly available through the council website.
    We also asked…
    Some Rotherham households alreadry have extra


  2. We also asked…
    Some Rotherham households alreadry have an extra general waste bin together with the 240ltr bin because of their houshold numbers. What will happen to these households if you reduce the bin size?
    There is currently no plans to alter this policy. Families who qualify for an additional bin will retain that additional bin under the new service.

    One other question we asked was…
    What would happen if a houshold places garden waste in the general waste bin?
    This would be the choice of the residents. The council would always encourage the correct recycling of all materials. No additional capacity other than the new reduced bin will be supplied for the general waste and no side waste will be collected.

    These are just some of the questions we asked, again our ForRotherham questions and proposal can be found in full in the link
    We will over the weekend publish the full detailed council response to all our 21 questions on our site.


  3. From the get go this change was fundamentally flawed, it was left to the not fit for purpose Cllr Hoddinott, to dream up the way waste would be collected in Rotherham

    I do not have any qualifications in environment management, however I would have thought the kerb side collection of segregated plastic waste would have been a key change, well this is Rotherham and that is not going to happen.

    Just goes to show the calibre or lack of it from members of the controlling Labour group.


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