HS2; No Crosses for Labour Double Crossers

I have long defended local Labour politicians against accusations that they are liars, cheats, corrupt, self serving pigs who are unprincipled bigots hiding behind a phoney political correctness.

That they will work with fascists, misogynists, swear black is white and sell their mothers for a vote or two

I now feel my defence of them is under pressure.

After all, why would anyone stand for the post Mayor of Sheffield City Region, when it will have no powers, or role even. When it is rejected by the vast majority as a waste of time and money, and  even its few advocates agree that after 2 years of impotence it will be disbanded in favour of the preferred option.. Yorkshire Regional Government.

Now we have former MP Richard Caborne and an unmemorable wassock of a Sheffield trade union representative putting their names forward for this lucrative albeit impotent post.

Can it be reasons other than the money and an opportunity to spend hours every day sat on ones arse searching Tripadvisor for a few holiday tips?

I actually like Richard Caborne as a person…hail fellow well met and all that sort of stuff, he was just the man for a good do with dinner jackets and not many women…he always new his cutlery & cutlers. But really Richard, are you that needy for this pathetic role, after all it means you will have to travel down the Parkway into foreign lands.

By the way.

Non-Sheffield folk should be aware that both candidates supported the fiddled HS2 option that left Sheffield advantaged while driving vast swathes through some of Barnsley and Rotherham nicest housing. With no benefit to the disadvantaged people of these towns.

Remember electorate of Barnsley & Rotherham (all hundreds of you), as you tremble before the ballot box, any in trepidation at the total unimportance of your vote… should you give them a cross in return for their double crossing you?

Wil (I’m back) Ewart

Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis ‘prepares bid’ to become first elected mayor of South Yorkshire

Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis is being tipped to mount a challenge for the South Yorkshire mayoral seat.

The Labour MP for Barnsley Central confirmed his plans at a meeting of local party activists after taking ‘soundings from allies’, according to Politics Home.

The website claims he is ‘not expected to immediately quit Westminster’ if he becomes mayor of the Sheffield City Region – which also takes in the South Yorkshire council areas of Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster – in May’s elections.

Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/barnsley-mp-dan-jarvis-prepares-bid-to-become-first-elected-mayor-of-south-yorkshire-1-8984049

Doncaster leaders would lobby for South Yorkshire Mayor supporting borough’s Yorkshire-wide plans

Doncaster’s political leadership will press for a South Yorkshire mayoral candidate who will back the borough leaving to join a single Yorkshire. Mayor Ros Jones still does not support holding an election for the post in charge of a Sheffield City Region and has ruled herself out of standing for the job.

Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/doncaster-leaders-would-lobby-for-south-yorkshire-mayor-supporting-borough-s-yorkshire-wide-plans-1-8980961

Tony Blair’s sports minister enters race for Sheffield mayor as deadline looms

Former sports minister Richard Caborn has entered the race to be Labour’s candidate for mayor of South Yorkshire. The anti-apartheid campaigner and ex-MP said he would fight the “shocking disparity” in transport spending between London and the Sheffield city region. … Continue reading

2 thoughts on “HS2; No Crosses for Labour Double Crossers

  1. If Jarvis becomes Mayor for two years, then steps down as Mayor could we select him as an MP candidate for one of the local constituencies?

    An individual with some real life experience would make a welcome change.


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