UKIP linked to MEP Jane Collins libel case.

It has been announced this morning that UKIP could be found to pay the liable cost of the court case between Jane Colins and the three Labour Rotherham Mps, could this lead to UKIPs bankruptcy.

The image going around social media today supposedly from the UKIP leader Henry Bolton in a bid to rid the UKIP NEC shows the UKIP leader Henry Bolton and the message saying ‘UKIP NEC has confirmed that UKIP is exposed to a large payment in relation to Jane Collins MEP legal expenses ect Janes libel case could end up costing UKIP & Jane up to £650.000.’
Henry Bolton the UKIP leader is blaming the NEC for having signed a document exposing the Party to liability.

This morning around 8.30 this comment was made by the Yorkshire and North Lincolshire UKIP MEP Jane Collins.


Dear Members,

Just to make things crystal clear, I Jane Collins did not join UKIP to my libel case.
In recent correspondence from the labour parties solicitors to UKIP asking UKIP to be joined to my libel case SOMEONE from UKIP said “YES”
I don’t know who but someone signed up to be joined to the libel action.

Bizarre indeed !

Since following Facebook posts from other UKIP Members including the Leadership candidate and UKIP Indigo group lead spokesperson Ben Walker who also tweeted
‘I think a little clarity is required
Who signed the letter accepting joint liablity for the Labour legal case?
It’s my understanding it was the leader?

It seems that many UKIP members think Henry Bolton is out to put the NEC in a bad light so UKIP members will get behind him and reform the party.

Nigel Farage’s Brussels speechwriter, trusted aide and former mistress Annabelle Fuller (Trixy Sanderson) has since said that she has inside knowledge from two UKIP MEPs and a well placed source after the UKIP Leader asked for links about the leak about the his knowledge on the UKIP liable sign up. She also added that ‘Shamash and Steel wrote to UKIP to ask if they would be joint litigants, not expecting a ‘yes’.

Many UKIP members have since asked NEC members to confirm if this sign up was the case, an NEC member said that NEC members couldn’t disclose any information.
Some asked for the Party’s Chairman Paul Oakden for a statement.

An hour ago this statement was put out by the Party’s Secretary.

Statement reads…

UKIP Party Secretary

Published Jan 28, 2018
UKIP has been added as a party to the Jane Collins defamation case as to costs only. This is because in 2014-2015 UKIP financially assisted Ms Collins MEP with her defamation case out of a moral obligation.

This made UKIP a ‘pure funder’ and as such UKIP should not be found liable for any costs incurred as a result of Jane Collins’ case, regardless of the amount.

The 3 Labour MPs that sued Ms Collins are pursuing UKIP for these costs through the courts but UKIP denies all liability and is seeking to robustly defend this claim.

The majority of NEC members have changed since this date, as has the leader, chairman, treasurer and party secretary. The current NEC are however conducting this robust defence.

Adam Richardson, Party Secretary

This Statement seems really carefully worded. To clarify UKIP is fighting the case that they will be held liable for final costs?

If anyone does not know – any funder of litigation can be made liable for the costs of the person they fund where that funded person cannot pay their costs. Happens in all big ticket litigation, and especially in libel. By funding Jane Collins, UKIP has caused a substantial costs’ order to be almost inevitable.

I Have since checked the liable cost, with damages Jane was ordered to pay £358,000, damages were about £120,000, so it looks like UKIP are on the hook for something around £230,000.

With this being due around April 2018 and also another Leadership election if the UKIP members oust Henry Bolton with an NEC and the May elections could this put UKIP into Bankruptcy?



5 thoughts on “UKIP linked to MEP Jane Collins libel case.

  1. The MPs always said this was not about money really they seem to be going all out and using every trick open to them to try and get it.

    But also how can Jane Collins MEP claim she did not link UKIP to her libel case I have been told by a well informed insider that when this all started she asked UKIP to sort this out and the NEC agreed to obtain legal representation and funded it I was told elegedly to the tune of around £70,000 is that not linking them.

    It is also allegedly said inside UKIP that most UKIP MEPs also put money in a fund to also help her with her costs.

    If it is the case that the MPs through their Labour Party solicitors do have a claim and make UKIP bankrupt then the final demise of UKIP will surley fall to the most part to Jane Collins actions.

    If she genuinely could not raise the money to pay her costs and court award then she should have declared her self bankrupt that would have put an end to the case.

    I beleive that is what Caven Vines did in his case involving two of the same MPs
    I am sure this would have had a. Devastating effect on him and his family but the MPs or their Labour backers would have been hit hard in their pockets even with their no win no fee agreement
    (They won so some one would be responsible for their legal and court costs not the Insurance)

    So what is really going on here was all this a plot by the Labour Party to finally distroy UKIP financially ?

    Or Is this a way of UKIP trying to take the pressure and attention from the Leader farce

    Or is Jane Collins MEP trying every trick she can to keep kicking the ball out of play until after 2019 when the UK will leave the EU and she will no longer be an MEP and have her hefty MEPs salary and perks that go with it
    Then she is free to go bankrupt without any of this costing her a penny.
    What a murky world political party’s and politicians live in ??

    Or of course it could be nothing to do with any of the above. It could just be a few of us being sinicle.
    What do you all think ?


  2. So the UKIP Party Secretary Mr Adam Richardson says UKIP had a moral obligation to assist Jane Collins MEP by funding her legal costs in 2014/2015
    But left the Leader of the second largest group of Councillor’s in UKIP at that time to try and fund his own defence of a case which was linked to Jane Collins case by the courts
    Did they not have a moral obligation to assist Mr Caven Vines with his legal costs
    Or is it UKIP is a discrimative Party who sexually discriminates against its Male members
    Shame on them


  3. This article appears to confirm that UKIP are indeed potentially liable.
    Jane Collins’ allegations were made at a UKIP conference in the run-up to the 2015 general election. The speech given by Jane Collins at the Doncaster conference was I read somewhere vetted by the then party solicitor Patrick O’flynn MEP.
    At that time and beyond leading up to the court case, did nobody in UKIP think to ask for factual evidence before agreeing to help with funding out of ‘moral obligation’ or otherwise?
    Whilst the pretence is that the current NEC are all diferent people that isn’t really as it seems. Steve Crowther is a consistent figure in UKIP for about 7 years as chairman and now NEC member elected. Up to his neck in it. Directors make the party liable whoever they are. Musical chairs can’t hide the responsibility.


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