Gavin Felton shows up

Political party’s diarrhoea reference ‘deliberate’

A new political party that based its name on initials more commonly associated with diarrhoea and vomiting has provoked hilarity on social media.

The Democrats and Veterans Party was set up by ex-serviceman and said it had already had 321 candidates ready to fight local and national elections.

Comments about its Twitter handle @TheDandVParty included: “Diarrhoea and vomiting party? Not a good acronym.”

The party said it was deliberate as politics was “making them that sick”.

Chairman Gavin Felton said: “It’s all tongue in cheek, we’re ex-squaddies so we know what it means and knew it was going to come up.

“We have a sense of humour. Politics is a serious business but there’s a severe lack of humour.”

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3 thoughts on “Gavin Felton shows up

  1. So Gavin Felton the 2016 UKIP South Yorkshire PCC candidate, Regional constituency Manager and UKIP MEP Mike Hookems running mate is DandVParty Chairman.
    Well at Least Mike Hookem will have a foothold in the DandVParty when his UKIP MEP role ends,
    Will he stay loyal to the UKIP Party come 2019 or will he CAST OUT and HOOK for another voice for the Veterans has a spokesperson for the DandVparty?


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